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And you probably summer? – How did you guess? – she smiled ironically, shaking off the ashes in a gust of night wind.
– Are you a friend of Michael? – Not.
I’m his wife’s girlfriend.
– And you? – I’m his old friend.
We are friends with the University.

It seems that yesterday we were students, and today we are celebrating his anniversary.
– I do not like birthdays and anniversaries.
– I, too.
– Why? – Thanks to him, I met a beautiful and lovely woman.
For a second her thin eyebrows flew in surprise, and looking ironically, she asked: “Do you find?” – What is your name? – Ella.
And you? – I am Igor.
– For some reason it seems to me that I saw you somewhere.
– I work in the City Administration, I meet many people.
We may have met.
– And I work at the University.
– Sorry if I say something wrong, I usually do not drink so much.
– I’ll take you.
– Not.
I’ll take a taxi.
The car will have to leave.
– No, do not argue.
Farewell wave of the hand, and a new Volkswagen, snorting a motor, left me at my door.
A few days later, I took Ella’s phone number from Michael and called.

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Her surprised voice on the phone finally agreed to meet.
I was sitting at the table, and while I was wasting time, looked at the visitors.
Suddenly the door opened and she appeared on the threshold.
Smile, walked toward me.
I did not willingly noted the high bosom of a woman who did not give birth, a slim figure, long legs.
Seated at the table, she threw her leg over her leg, wriggled a thin cigarette in her long fingers.
– Waiter, ashtray! – She exclaimed, slowing down the boy who was trying to slip.
– tired? – I asked, looking at the pale face.
– Yes.
No matter.
No matter she answered.
And we began to talk about various trifles.
I entertained her with various stories that I had in abundance.
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