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And after twenty minutes, she finally finished, roughly pushing me to the floor, I crawled over to her again, but received a sensitive heel strike in the face, and put my venture aside.
He stood in the pose of a slave, licking the selection hostess on his lips.
A few minutes later, when she came to her senses, after an orgasm, she said: “But his tongue doesn’t work well, I liked it, he can please you with it, especially after several trainings, and if you don’t mind, I will help you with his education .
– She turned to her daughter – No, mom, I will be very happy for your help.
Bitch, now satisfy me, I’m very excited.

I crawled over to my Lady and earned my tongue again.
When Lena finished, she let me get out dry.
– And now, bitch, we will continue your education.
– Said Natalya Petrovna.
– Well, come to me.
I crawled to the Mistress.
“So, bitch, you must not only satisfy your Lady, but also do all kinds of housework.”
Starting from dusting, and ending with the washing of the underwear of their Lady, is this, I hope you understand?

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Starting tomorrow, you will take up your immediate duties.
I hit my head on the floor, asking permission to say.
– Speak.
– Natalia Petrovna allowed me.
– Mistress, I also study at school, when will I have time to do all this? – It’s your problem.
Get out of school.
You are a slave, you are obliged to carry out all the orders of your Lady, this should be the meaning of your life.
But that’s not all.
You have to become for your Mistress something of a toilet bowl.
After all, the toilet will not always be at hand, and the slave is always with her.
And why go to the toilet when it can be done as a slave? I’m not going to teach you yet, I have my Lady’s sausages, but you just have to drink her piss.
Therefore, on the back, quickly.
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