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The company pledged to guarantee the depositor social and civil rights.
Many have invested vouchers in industry giants whose economic position seemed unshakable.
Then began the massive bankruptcy of the giants of the chemical industry, metallurgy and engineering.
Single-industry towns turned out to be crowded with people who had lost all rights, which threatened not just unrest, but revolution.
On the other hand, the new owners of bankrupt enterprises, who did not recognize their obligations under the vouchers invested in the previous legal owner, put pressure on the government.
Acting on the rule “they wanted it better, it turned out as always,” the government adopted a package of laws in accordance with which those who lost vouchers turned into a bondage to the actual owners of this document.

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Personality vouchers were instantly recognized by the shadow business, which organized their trade on the Moscow stock exchange.
The price of vouchers soared to the quiet joy of homeless people, alcoholics and drug addicts, who got the opportunity to sell the voucher, and with it their human rights.
Most of the rest of the Russians also parted with the vouchers, who are from poverty, and who from thoughtlessness and went into the class cattle, deprived of civil rights.
– What are you standing – I say – undress me further.
I can not undress you today – I joked so as to calm her down.
Lena came to life, began to take off my clothes and said: – Oh, do not worry.
I’ll undress myself.
How to? Up to cowards or all? – Woe to you.
If now I care about your charms.
But the pants to remove the strength I have enough.

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Stole a shirt and shirt.
I covered the wound with a plaster and injected a stimulant into my shoulder.
– Undress me completely.
And I also need a shower, it smells from me later, like a horse.
Section me up to the goal and ran to the bathroom.
I hear the water is noisy.
I went to the bathroom and got into the shower.
Lena came out and after a while returned with a sheet.
I see she is only in panties and bra.
But they changed their clothes.
In such houses usually do not go.
Set as specially for seducing a husband after a family quarrel.
Out of the shower.
She throws a sheet on me, gently wipes her body.
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