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Well, everything – the evening was hopelessly flawed.
Mothers booted back into the back seat, Mishan’s next to me, and we drove (now ANYWHERE leisurely) towards San Jose.
– Mom, you need to refuel – I announced the passengers, taxiing to the gas station.
“Great, but in the meantime we’ll bend a nose,” Aunt Tanya replied.
Mom quickly shoved a twenty into my hand and ran after my sister in the direction of the toilet.
While I was paying for gas, moms were already inside the store, looking after something on the shelves of alcohol.
– It would be better if you missed – I angrily threw in the direction of Michael.
“What are you talking about?” “About your empty Pepsi can.”
– Coca-Cola – corrected Bear.
– Right on target.
Good luck – I mocked him.
He looked at me strangely, as if he remembered something, and grinned.
– Now we will fix everything – and he winked at me again, just like there at the ocean.
Moms sat down in their usual place behind us, and began to.
its endless chatter.
“Well, what can you talk about all the time?” – I never ceased to be surprised as soon as our mothers were together.
– Mom, Mom – Mishka repeated it twice, taking her from the conversation.
– Well, we, like, were going to the movies with girls.
There will be our classmates here as my mother’s sons with their parents by the hand.
Somehow not in a patsanski.
Moms looked at us in amazement, feverishly thinking, and tried to penetrate into the salt of Mishkin’s tirade.
– Well.
Could you play us a little bit?

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– What is it like? – mom exchanged glances with Aunt

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– Well ,.
like, be our girls for the evening – blurted out Mishka.
My eyes went up to my forehead from such impudence.
I think moms were surprised no less.
– So we are not at all like your classmates.
They’ll bust us right away.
– Well, we.
This, like, hung noodles to everyone that girls were shot from uni.
– Uh-uh.
Watch the speech, young man – abruptly interposed aunt Tanya – Sorry.
met with the girls from the University.
– This is how we are now? Students of this, like him, Massach.
Massach – stuttering, trying to say something Mishkin’s mother.
– Massachusetts Institute of Technology – I corrected.
– Exactly.
I say – Massach.
Ugh, God invented the name.
“It’s not God, it’s the Americans named their state in honor of the local Indian tribe, which means“ Great mountainous place ”- I flashed my erudition.
Mom proudly looked in my direction.
Well, how could she now refuse to her smart child, her own kolinochka.
– Why not? Remember the youth.
Having fun – my mother turned to her sister.
– Do you remember how we went to the cinema for the last session, and always for the last rows.
They were called so – rows for kisses.
They laughed at the same time, remembering, probably, something cool from the time of their youth.
– So, agree? – with hope asked Mishan.
– Of course.
Shake old.
– Well then.
Could we swap places?
“Why is that?” “Well, like, in pairs.”
Aunt Lena in my place in front, and I go to my mother in the back seat.
Sort of.
each with his girlfriend – Bear went on impertinently, grinning mysteriously.
I was amazed by his arrogance.
There are three boxes here, but the most interesting thing is that it WORKED.
Mom readily exchanged places with him.
Thirty minutes later we were on the spot, carefully approaching the barrier, after raising our roof – a transformer.
– Do not drink alcohol, do not engage in sex.
Violators will be expelled, Money will not be returned – in a monotonous voice said aunt – ticket taker memorized, repeated the phrase hundreds of times, handing us tickets.
– Do not drink alcohol, do not engage in sex. Japanese spy cam sex.

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