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Dima, who was lying on his side, closely watched the procedure, and Valya and Ira also did not take their eyes off her roommate.
The time it took to empty the pear took about half a minute, then the nurse also carefully removed the tip and began to hold Vika’s buttocks squeezed together.
“Oh, aunt, how do I want to crap!”, Vika screamed, “you must have given me a very big enema?”.
“Yes, girl,” Baba Dusya shook her head, “for a large constipation, you need a large enema.
But do not be afraid, the volume of water does not exceed the permissible.

Breathe deeply through your mouth and try to put up with 5 minutes. ”
Vika was breathing hard, the feeling of dislocation and the urge to the bottom gradually ceased.
She calmly lay for 5 minutes, then rose to her feet and once again put her ass on the pot.
“Prruk!”, A small bunch sounded, after which water poured from the girl’s anus and gradually began to leave hard feces.
Even after the enema was done, Vika had to make a great effort to push out the hardened poop, which she dissolved a little, but did not completely soften the enema water.

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However, after a couple of minutes, he managed to break through the fecal blockage, softer bowel movements began to emerge, for which Vika no longer had to put much effort to squeeze.
The chamber was filled with a strong, unpleasant smell, the nurse had to open the window to ventilate the room.
Valya and Ira turned in the other direction with respect to the Vika’s pot, only Dima continued to lie in the same position.
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