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She laughed, and Vic slipped out, as it were, in such a bare, shameless manner, waving a hand to her beloved Zenobia corridor.
And he went to their cabin for two with Gerda.
Usually the conversation was short.
If something is wrong, or someone, someone is unhappy, then that’s it, the body is in the ground or in the water.
As now Victor remembered one criminal family from his past and the country of the Soviets destroyed by perestroika.
From the past, which seemed to him an ephemeral nonsense, and how, as if some ghostly nightmare had been imposed on him by that demon of the crossroads.
He, with those just like with these alien gangsters, did not share the thieves’ obshchak, and remembered how they all hid.
All of his orders, his brothers.
And now they are already hunting for him.
And already here, and he does not know who? And these are those from the past which seems to have been completely absent, the past that flew over the night with the demon of the intersection.
And now all hope for the bodyguard Nicholas and his foreign mercenaries thugs.
Victor managed to get away from the courts and the consequences, buying everything and everyone in the bodies in that later abandoned country, but apparently, the echo of that lawlessness reached America and his beloved city of Miami.
In which, he always dreamed of going back in the eighties, when he was forty.
And when he was thirty.
As in the book “The Twelve Chairs” by Ilf and Petrov Ostap Bender in his Rio de Janeiro.
Then, when coupons were given food. Hidden spy cam sex.

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