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With these words, she threw a pack of condoms on the coffee table.
“You know that I do not know how to wear them,” said a friend: “And then we never use them.”
My wife immediately intervened in the conversation: “But my wife knows very well how this is done.
Let him help! “.
There was a pause, as everyone stared at me.
I said that it was not at all difficult for me and looked at my friend.
His face was covered with red spots, but he nodded in agreement.
I took the condoms off the table, opened one pack and approached it.
He stood in front of me and his dick was very strong in his swimming trunks.
I took the swimming trunks on the sides and turned them down.
His cock straightened and looked up and forward.
He pushed the hips forward to me, and I took the condom with both hands from the inside and began to put it on.
Everything silently and breathlessly watched this scene with insane excitement.
When the condom got on him I decided to smooth out the wrinkles on it and wrapping my friend’s member with my thumb and index fingers from the top down.
From this, his eyes just closed with pleasure and he groaned.
Our women were just on the verge of the excitement that this scene had on them.
“I feel that you’re just coming right now, let’s start acting as soon as possible,” I said.
“Come sit on the sofa and take off your pants,” I told my wife.
She obediently sat down, took off her panties and spread her legs.
From this picture, everyone caught their breath.
“What are you waiting for?” My wife told a friend.
He approached her and without removing the lowered heats began to enter her.

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Her eyes closed from pleasure, her mouth parted and she groaned.
Meanwhile, a friend began to slowly move back and forth.
It was evident that he was barely holding back and after a few seconds he began to stop.
At the same time, my wife also twitched in orgasm.
A friend came out of my wife and sat down exhausted on the sofa next to her.
The friend’s wife was already on the verge too.
She said to me with a gasp: “So, come on now we are already faster, since I can no longer!”.
She sat on the sofa next to them, spread her legs and pushed aside her solid swimsuit exposing her vagina.
I quickly turned my wool swimming trunks down and stood in front of her wearing a condom.
The whole company carefully watched my actions.
Having smoothed the condom, I began to approach my friend’s wife, holding my penis with the fingers of my right hand.
She moved her hips forward to meet me and I without any pause began to enter her

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wet pussy, while looking into her eyes, but sometimes looking at a friend and my wife, who were sitting next to me on the couch and attentively, with bated breath, watched it.
Of course, I was already long ago on account of everything that had happened before, so I finished in 15 seconds, after which my partner began to aggressively pull at her clit and finished a few seconds later.
We all sat on the couch silently enjoying the moment.
Then, on the sly, jokes and laughter began again and we continued to drink wine and talk sweetly, as before, everyone was dressed in bathing suits and looked very sexy.
I realized that it was still not over and there was a lot of pleasant things ahead.
All day I did not find a place.
I thought of finding a way to escape, but I was stopped by thoughts about my sister.
And besides, where will I go? I went to my room and did not notice how I fell asleep.
I was woken by a slap on the ass.
– That’s right, I decided to rest.
The night will be hot.
Alex stood over me.
– They went to my room.
He took me above the elbow and literally dragged me along.
I was suddenly in a panic, I twisted and kicked him.
He did not expect a strike, so he released my hand.
I ran from Alex, I do not even know where.
But he quickly caught me.
-I thought we understood each other.
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