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Zoya brought in a middle finger.
The man jerked off faster and faster, and now his dick huddled in ecstasy and began to throw out the seminal fluid.
Zoyka has not experienced such an orgasm since the time when she first tried to masturbate in the bathroom.
“You are lovely,” the virtual partner message screen highlighted.
– See you again? That my skype.
“” I do not mind, “Zoyka wrote in response.
Now – the fourth and, I hope, not the last story about us with Dashenka.
All this happened quite recently, just a couple of weeks ago, when the quarantine was just over.
I remind you: all my stories are real, and all the events in them are true.
I have already said that I put 3 pictures in our room, where Dasha is naked to the waist.
Well, it can be seen that there are no panties on it, but the pubis and lower were not included in the frame, and the photos look, in my opinion, rather poetic than exciting.
Being there there is such beauty that no words are simple: the hairs are gilded in the sun, the body is thin, rounded, tanned, breathtaking.
So – here, these pictures are with us, and the guests who come to our room, naturally, see them.

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We have already got used to it, although I caught Dasha several times on how she admires pictures – she proudly pulls her nose up, and is so pleased 🙂 And the guests behave differently: some do not notice (or pretend they don’t notice while they themselves squint), others are surprised, admired, questioned, turned in their hands.
and one grandmother’s friend, Aunt Nussia, severely scolded Dasha for shamelessness.
My Daska was so upset that she removed them, but after a couple of days they stood where they had been before.
At first, Dasha was embarrassed and tried not to come across guests in the same room with these photos, and then she got used to and was proud, or even showed herself “see how Vitya took me off!”.
And then – once Dasha’s chef came to us to drink tea, that is, her teacher in painting.
What is his name, I will not speak – say, Ivan Ivanovich.
Dasha he was considered perhaps the most talented and promising, and

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he sometimes dropped by to visit us.
And now I don’t know how it happened, but he wandered into our room and saw pictures.
Dasha was at this time in the kitchen, fortunately – and that would have died with shame, probably.
However, all this she just had to.
Ivan Ivanovitch called her.
I heard his excited voice coming from our room, and somehow immediately guessed that he had seen the pictures and wanted to talk about them with Dasha.
Damn it, forgot to remove! I have long been jealous of him, this old whip was gallantry and gentlemanhood itself, playfully communicated with his beloved student, and looked at me mockingly, arrogantly, as at an annoying hindrance. Hidden cam hard sex.

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