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Sveta stopped fucking me, and with a strap-on ass I tried to walk, it turned out to waddle, while she hugged me and squeezed my balls.
In the bedroom, Sveta gently laid me on the bed, lifting my legs up, and began to rhythmically move me in a strap-on.
A moan escaped from me, growing stronger and stronger.
Sveta began to jerk off my dick, then, suddenly, she unclasped the strapon, leaving him hanging in my ass and getting on me, literally put her pussy on my mouth.
– My dear, I will not run down, – Light looked into my eyes, – drink! As soon as her pussy touched my mouth, her lips parted, the hole stopped right in front of her mouth.
I started to caress the hole and a stream began to flow from it, at first slowly, then faster, the pressure was getting stronger, I barely had time to swallow, then it died and I began to lick and caress the pussy, the clitoris, sometimes reaching for the anus and entering the tongue into it.
– You are cool, lecherous, executive, – Sveta began to lie down on me, gradually dropping down, and resting her pussy on my stake standing member.
– I now caress the tongue you ass, then turn over and I will fuck your insatiable ass, until I finish it myself.
And then we will fulfill your wish.
Light deftly dropped between my legs, took a member in my mouth, and somehow, in a special way, swallowed up to the testicles, began to do blowjob, pulling the strap-on out of my anus and sticking my fingers in my ass.
It was great, I did not know that you can feel a member.
Such a delight, pleasant feelings from the fingers in the pope.

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But she stopped.
– Come on, quickly roll over on your knees and push your ass apart, wait, – having said this, she ran off somewhere.
I stood in this pose – butt up, my arms are spreading my butt for maybe five minutes.
Then she entered, Mistress of the light.
Almost all in latex, with the exception of the breasts and pussy, between the legs of the strapon is much larger than this, in the hands of the whip, with a pen in the form of a penis.
Sveta came up to me and without asking anything, she abruptly entered me.
The wild pain burned my anus, I suffocated from the pain and could not immediately cry, only the wheeze escaped from my mouth.
For which he immediately got a whip on the ass.
Sveta quickly moved her hips, committing frictions, holding me by the hips, like a girl, and fucking, fucking, sometimes slapping me hard on the buttocks with the palm of my hand.
I felt that the member began to rise, which I did not expect from myself, well, I do not like rudeness, I can endure, but I do not.
Now, Sveta began to beat me more strongly on the buttocks, then a whip went to play.
Sveta herself began to moan, she apparently liked it very much.
Here the moans

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became louder and longer, And so, here it ends, pushing the strapon all the way into me and lounging at me.
You, made up and dressed in an evening dress, in heels, with a beautiful hairstyle and pleasantly smelling of perfumes obediently standing in front of me and the camera on.
And I, asking you and giving orders, which are executed implicitly and immediately.
Something like: – What are you doing now? – I stand.
– What will you do? – What you say.
“What do you think I’ll ask you about?” – Strip and about sex.
– You will do everything that I would not say? – Yes.
“Do you know that I will shoot all this?” – Yes.
“Okay, then turn around and bend over.”
– (perform) – Zadera dress.
– (doing) – What are you doing now? – She leaned over and lifted her dress.
– What for? – So you looked.
– For what? – The fact that I have a dress.
– What do you have under your dress? – Underwear.
– And under it? – Women’s charms.
– What is it called by simple? – I do not know how to say.
– Rude, say mate.
– Cunt? – Right.
And what else? – Ass.
– How rude is it? – Ass? – Yes.
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