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Introducing a member for the entire length, he froze for a few seconds, letting me feel it, and then began to move, gradually speeding up the pace.
I covered the first orgasm, then – the next, one more! Andrew turned me on the penis, put his back on the sofa, and my legs on his shoulders and continued to move intensively, holding me by the hips.
Burning fire of excitement spread throughout the body.
I came from a continuous series of orgasms, barely having time to breathe between them! The son put me on all fours, laid him on his side, lay down on top, and I completely surrendered to a mighty stream of pleasure, feeling in myself his magnificent member! But now I felt that the member was twitching, and a warm jet struck me.
Kitty moved a little more and stopped, then slowly pulled out his penis and lay down on the sofa next to me.
I clamped a cloth between my legs, laid my head on my man’s chest, and we froze in pleasant relaxation.
I don’t know how long we lay there, but with the edge of my ear I heard a familiar sound – the door of the sanitary UAZ from the garrison hospital where I worked slammed.
The boots of the daytime reception office began to swell up the stairs, and the doorbell rang.
I picked up, shouted through the door that I was going down and began to dress.
– Mom, I’m with you – I heard – Let’s go, cat – Son quickly dressed, and we, having locked the door, began to go down from our fifth floor.
While we were driving through the night streets of the garrison, the daytime officer told us that a conscript soldier had been brought from the border. Filmi online sex.

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