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The pain has already receded, there is no fatigue, I want to move and do something.
This stimulant has worked.
But this is deceptive, it is better to lie down.
– Bed, please bed – she nodded her head and went into the room.
I followed her and, as was wrapped in a sheet, sat on the bed.
I say: – Bring the phone out of my jacket.
You need to call.
She stands close to me and does not go away.
I remembered – waiting for the panties to take off.
He reached out to her with one right hand.
Somehow pulled off her panties with ass, lowered to the middle of the hips.
She stumped them with her legs, knelt on the side of the sofa, backs up.
Clear, it is necessary to remove the openwork bra, it is just tied to her from behind.
He took it off, and Helen went to get the phone.
Goes, shakes her ass on the move.

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I really like to watch her naked walking around the apartment.
I took the phone from her, called the Galushka number and reported: – The information was received in full, but I was cut and I lay down on the ground until tomorrow morning.
I will give everything tomorrow at 10 am at our place.
Galushka still mumbles to the phone.
He asks if he should send a doctor or a guard and where exactly I am.
And I am located one block from our permanent meeting place.
I disconnected and put the phone under the pillow.
Lena’s eyes are square, surprised.
I sat down on the bed beside me, put my palms on my hips.
Knees are shifted, pubes are short, even hairs.
But it is already clear that her hair is very blond there.
– May I ask, Master? If I’m not in my own business, let me out for real, but please answer: you.

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Bandit? – Why do you think that? “You’re injured, talking on the phone that an outsider doesn’t understand.”
You have a terrible scar on your thigh and a prison headdress.
Oppanki! Arrived: This is it my “Kotyaru” for the prison tattoo took.
Showed her the address book of my phone.
And there are subscribers of the FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
I know that under the FSB I have her mobile number, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs is Natasha’s number.
So I deliberately encrypted so that about the girls did not know who does not.
– No – I say – I am not a gangster, not a criminal, but a secret employee of the FSB.
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