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I heard a strangled cry from my stepmother, but I couldn’t scream for help or run.
Fear squeezed his throat, and his legs became wadded.
The robbers behaved bravely because the sleeping servant was in the other wing of the building, and dad was away.
I was sure that my stepmother had been killed.
But the robbers did not leave the bedroom, and from the fact that Chikita was chattering there, I soon realized that they had tied her hands and then her legs.
I quietly crept up to the very door of the bedroom, but I could not go further past the open door, Chikita stood close and apparently listened, just in case, so that they would not be taken by surprise.
In the depths of the room someone lit a candle and its light lit up the whole bedroom.
Oh my God! on the floor near the bed my stepmother was squatting, her legs tied ankle-deeply, the gypsy who was younger kept his scary knife near her throat, a noticeable tremor hit her body, and the second robber who had a terribly fierce look tied her hands and roughly put a huge gag in her mouth.
) I still didn’t understand what they wanted from her, but then Gabriel pushed the victim so roughly that she had to fall on her elbows and if the second thug didn’t hold her smartly, she would fall to the side.
Gabriel pulled up the hem of her wide nightie, nagging her head, and then roughly tearing up pantaloons exposed the white, white ass.
Now he quickly untied his belt, and soon I saw a huge swarthy penis.
I completely lost my fear when I realized what would happen now.
The gypsy inserted his genital organ to its mouth, and then plunged it entirely into the body of its victim, which hid itself in hysterics, trying to break free from the rapist’s tenacious legs, but it wasn’t there, the forces were unequal.

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Soon, Eleanor realized that the inevitable would happen anyway and stopped jerking, only whined unable to get rid of the gag in her mouth and the member in her bosom, which began to make its translational movements faster and faster.
Now Gabriel was hitting the ass of her stepmother with such force that her hips flapped and shuddered to the rhythm, while the second bandido barely held the victim.
Finally, it was all over the fact that the male, having made a couple of the most powerful blows, froze deep in the womb of the female and roared with pleasure.
His fierce face lit up with a grimace of pleasure.
) And the other robber began to bare his penis, and Gabriel took out his body, which was still large, wet and by the light of a candle a large drop of thick liquid was visible at its very end.
Gabriel went over to the victim’s head and wiped his dick with her nightgown, began to hold her, pinching his head under his arm.
The second dog quite sporely stuck his genital organ into the vagina and soon successfully completed his work in convulsive movements.
Everything calmed down, only barely audibly

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whined tearing up the female, and the robbers began to leave, suddenly Chiquita sharply turned around to see me, so carelessly leaning out from behind the door, she pressed her finger to her lips and slowly walked in my direction, saying, “quietly.
be quiet
quiet baby, stand up “She slunk over to me and grabbed my hand.
“You will be silent, we will not do anything bad to you baby, she fascinated me.
Of course, I nodded in a frightened manner, but the fierce said that it was impossible to leave me like that.
Then they took me to the backyard with us and we quickly ran to the stable in the rain, where they dragged me into a closet at the far end of the stable where Cheekita herself lived.
They gave me some kind of dirty robe to hide from the cold – it was pretty cool here.
Chiquita ordered the young one to bring their horses from the village.
They, of course, could not take to escape the well-groomed master horses, for in this way they could not get to the Spanish border.
And on the unsightly horses you can join the camp, a day to be in Spain.
They firmly tied one of my legs to Gabriel’s hand and lay down to rest.
Soon, Chiquita began to fall asleep, apparently falling asleep, and after her, Gypsy also closed his eyes.
I certainly could not sleep.
Next to me lay a fellow who had just ripped a woman in front of me, this picture did not descend from my eyes. Young cams anal.

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