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Running his fingers into Tonks’ crotch, he looked straight into her eyes and enjoyed her impotent rage.
“Cousin, I must admit, you look great for a pathetic mongrel and werewolf bedding.”
Apparently, the Black breed took her.
You will not remember that it was I who fucked you, cousin, but you will remember everything else, ”Malfoy Tonks whispered and sharply inserted his finger into the witch’s pussy.
Tonks twitched slightly.
– Yes, it is unpleasant for you, in your pussy it is as dry as a dragon in a mouth, and an ass.
– Malfoy tried to squeeze his finger through the tight, tightly compressed Tonks sphincter.
She twitched a little harder.
– Oh, yes in the ass you seem to virgin? Surely this beast, your dead werewolf, you never fucked in the ass? You are worse.
I heard that the holes of metamorphs can stretch incredibly, and today I will check how true these rumors are, Malfoy whispered.
“When we finish, you can hide all the Quidditch bits of this school at once in your pussy and ass!” He threw off his robe and swung his long cock in front of Tonks.
Behind his back, convulsive breaths smacked, smacked, the sounds of pent-up vomiting — housewives dangling on the girls’ faces already dug Hermione and Ginny’s throats with their massive, knotty, unwashed members.
Hermione didn’t see anything – the carcass that had fallen over her face covered her review.
Pervert each push drove his dick to her almost to the tonsils.
In recent days, she has tried many members – clean, dirty, who have been in her pussy and ass, or pussy and Ginny’s ass, but the little house dick was the most disgusting to taste – as if Hermione were thrusting a stick of rotten sausage over and over again.
She inhaled convulsively with her nose, but even there the sour smell of an unwashed body crept into her nostrils.

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The mongrel was no more gentle with Ginny – he slapped his whole body on her face, fucking the mouth of the red-haired Gryffindor at a frantic pace, and shouted: “Mongrel and Pervert, honest little houses, warriors of light!” We will tear the mouths of Toy-Who-Things-No-Choose and her friends so that they no longer speak their evil! Ginny sucked, choked and swallowed with the nasty taste of an elf member.
She and Hermione were trying not to spit out just because they guessed that Malfoy would make them and vomit clean up with tongues.
Malfoy meanwhile spelled Tonks mouth.
She did not hold back feelings: – Fucking fucking ferret! You pay, Malfoy.
You will rot with daddy and aunt in Azkaban, and I will throw a couple of Dementors into your camera! You devour your own rotten dick and take down the centaur’s urine, and then.
Tonks shouted curses, and her hair in a fit of emotion shimmered with all the colors of the rainbow.
Malfoy frowned reproachfully: – Is it possible to swear so when students, Professor Tonks? We’ll have to take your dirty mouth, cousin.
And if I ever feel your teeth, Granger and Wislett will end up in the dirtiest brothel of Lute today! He jacked down on Tonks – his groin to her face – and without training he drove his pale, thin, but long penis between the lips of a pink-haired witch.
With deep, frequent frictions, he began to fuck her mouth, as if the pussy of the last whore.
Tonks screamed and wheezed.
– Yes! Yes! – Draco sharply moved his pelvis – what a hot mouth! Granger and Wislett are inexperienced sluts, and you fucking experience, cousin.
You will flow from the taste of a member of this purebred magician.
Suddenly Tonks began to change.
Her hair brightened, her breasts diminished, her facial features thinned when she took on the appearance of Narcissus Malfoy.
Draco suddenly found himself lying on his own mother, who was swallowing his dick and smacking his lips with pleasure.
He jumped like a scalded dog.
Tonks laughed harshly.
– Well, where are you, son? – in the voice of Narcissus prosyusyukala Tonks.
– Show mom how you love her.
Show me how big your pipiska has grown.
Mom will suck your segment.
Your mommy is used to sucking all the Death Eaters, she will do you well, ”Narcissa-Tonks licked her lips invitingly.
“Purebred perverts like you always fuck mothers, sisters, daughters, so as not to dilute the blood.”
Draco punched her in the face, but Narcissa-Tonks continued to smile with broken lips: “Beat your mother, son

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