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At half past eleven, I finally fell fast asleep, and at exactly 11, exactly on an alarm clock, for the first time in many years I went to bed.
This was immediately reported to the adults who continued the feast, one of the children, and the confused, reddened mother, the injured pedagogical fiasco, rushed to me.
She frantically began to collect wet bedding, pulled off my soaked pajama panties and, half-naked, sent me to the bathroom to wash.
I don’t think that she was guided by evil intent, most likely she was really just confused, but as a result I doubled across the room in front of all the guests in one short pajama blouse that barely reached my waist, trying to cover my hands with pussy.
Then I could not fall asleep for a long time, and listened to the guests’ jokes about what had happened.

Now I understand that they were laughing at my mom, but then it seemed to me that it was me! As a result, mother cautiously brought the pot out of use only to my 14 years, when “night incidents” began to happen to me only in exceptional cases.

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Another fetish imposed by the hated “Raising Children” was my chair.
Yes, the chair is in the “same” sense.
According to the authors, I had to walk “by large” twice a day, with the accuracy of the Kremlin chimes.
To do this, the parents themselves were asked to choose the time – my mother stopped at 7-15 and 16-15.
Until a certain age, everything went surprisingly well, I don’t know how this can be explained.
But when I became a teenager, my intestines refused to serve as “signals of exact time.”
A quarter of an hour late, the parents perceived it as a terrifying constipation and an unequivocal indication for enema.
Parents worked in shifts, so it was not difficult for them in turn to follow this delicate side of my life.
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