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While she could be engaged in embroidery, and I watch her beautiful face, which brings me pleasure already more aesthetic than erotic.
Half of my life connected with poetry was indifferently rejected by N.
The other half remained – love, in which the thrill of sensations disappeared, and therefore passion gave way to tenderness.
But only in the thrill of sensation, we find ecstasy.
I, proud of my fame as a lover, no less than with poetic fame, I did not find a place in my family life for my career.
I witnessed my vanity with her beauty, kindness, and innocence.
But innocence gradually became coquetry, kindness became sentimentality, and beauty became habitual for me and therefore imperceptible.
Only when everyone admires the beauty of N.
, I feel pride, which, alas, is increasingly turning into jealousy.
For the first time in my hectic life, I began to fall asleep and wake up with the same woman day after day.
The sweetness of novelty always quickly lost its charm for me, and I, without thinking, changed my mistresses or added to one another.
I regretfully understood that it was not fitting for a married person to do that.
The difference between a wife and a mistress is that my wife and I go to bed without lust.
That is why marriage is holy, that lust is gradually being supplanted from it, and relations become either friendly or indifferent, and often hostile.
Then the naked body is no longer considered a sin, because it does not lead to temptation.
Sometimes I experienced peace, quiet joy, looking innocently at my Madonna (after all, this is the only way to look at Madonna).

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Lust became a small part of our lives, for the most part was our cohabitation, full of worries and trifles; cohabitation, seducing passion.

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unpardonably, but inevitably I began to be taken for granted.
I looked at the dagger, peacefully hanging on the wall, and thought that I no longer see the “love battle”, nor feel the smell of hot blood.
There is no better place to indulge my passion in watching other people’s pleasures.
Is not this the most striking example of humanity, when someone else’s pleasure causes me to enjoy not less strong pleasure?
If you see the grief of a stranger to you, then the sympathy you feel cannot be compared in strength with the feelings of the sufferer.
So in the joy of success in the service field: the person who achieved them, will be much happier than the outsider well-wisher who had heard of these successes.
But when we see other people’s love pleasures, they not only cause pleasure in us, but our pleasure is not weaker, and sometimes stronger than the pleasure of participation.
I am convinced that in the world there is no more beautiful picture than the kind of fucking diving and emerging from the pussy.
And you can see it in all eyes only by watching from the side.
When you fuck yourself and step back to look at a miracle, you always see the sight from above – not to see how your eggs crawl along her crotch.
You can, of course, trick with mirrors, but this is not it.
In addition, when you fuck, you are too passionate about the feelings of dick and can not fully surrender to the sight.
Therefore, as a spectacle, I am more worried about someone else’s dick, entering his pussy than my own.
No wonder the ancient Romans demanded not bread and pleasures, bread and circuses.
My passion for shows prepared me an acquaintance, which can now turn into my death.
Sofia Astafyevna has a special room, in the wall of which a peephole is made.
It is allowed to look for a special fee.
Random customers go to this room, frequent guests can occupy the next room and watch the action.
That evening I took with me Nina, the craftswoman.
I put her on my knees in front of me, and she knew what to do and knew perfectly.
While Nina was zealous, I clung to the peephole, and saw Lisa, jumping on some “stallion”.
The girls were trained, being in the viewing room, to unfold the working part to the eye, and put a candlestick next to it.
I saw Lisa’s pale ass with a pink pimple on her left buttock.
She bent over her guest, and her cunt with the cock sliding in it sparkled.
Whenever the dick got out of her pussy to dive deeper again, he pulled out a fringe of shiny red entrails.
Plunging, he shoved them back into the depths. Webcam first time squirt.

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