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Victoria leto bongacams.
His legs were covered with tight black tights.
– Is there tights on it? – Yes.
Now you know something about us, and I think it should not scare you.
I really love it more when it has stockings with red lace panties, but a good little bit of it.
– So here.
Remember, with us she studied in a parallel stream Ira? We somehow intersected, and just like with you, I cried to my fate.
My then walked with might and main, fishing, taverns and football.
For me, he has almost no place left.
Already wanted to divorce.
Irka then laughed for a long time, and said that she could re-educate him, under what conditions.
You will discuss them with her.
In short, she is a practitioner Mrs.
Foreseeing the question, said Ira.
– I’ll give you her phone, you will meet, discuss it.
Only I will warn her first.
Well, send a photo.
– What? – you see? Ira pointed to several cameras in different corners of the room.
“Sorry, but this is insurance.”
Yes, do not worry, I am sure you will like it.
It was already late, and Stasik went to see her off.
Halfway home they were silent.
Lena looked at him on the sly.
Stas on her.
Finally, she could not stand it.
– Stas, do you like your position? – What? – Well, here Irka meets with someone, making love almost before your eyes.
You wear stockings with pantyhose.
– Well, first I like to wear them! Secondly, we are engaged not in front of our eyes, but together.
Thirdly, my sex life knows almost no limits in its diversity.
Here you are, when either engaged in pissing? – Ugh! – It says in you a notorious side.
I hope today we have moved the boundaries a bit? – That’s for sure! – By the way, we pass by the supermarket.
And there is a department with a good underwear.
Maybe go? I buy you a bra, instead of cut Ira? – Not now.
Lena’s husband came as always after midnight.
Snack in a quick, half an hour already snoring on his side.
Lena tried to somehow excite him, stroking a member through his underpants.

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– Let’s do it tomorrow? I’m so tired! Muttered Vitalik, turning over on the other side.
– Well, tomorrow, so tomorrow! This argument resolved Lena’s dilemma.
I’ll call you tomorrow.
– Well.
-I promise my story will be true.
I’ll start all over again.
After my plan to turn Katya into a slave failed, she left me to serve this hen Lenka.
After your beatings, I was still unable to recover.
Lenka turned out to be such a creature, she had no sympathy for me.
This bitch was holding me in a basement tied to a chain, and despite the fact that my body was all wounded by your torture and beatings, she did not give me any medication and had never even treated my wounds.
I slept almost on the bare floor and went to the toilet like an animal in a bucket.
She fed me somehow, the bucket was taken out very rarely, a disgusting smell emanated from him, it was cold in the basement, I had nothing to hide from, since I wasn’t given even the rotten blanket.
I don’t want to talk about feeding in general, I don’t even believe that I could eat this food, at first I even vomited from it, but hunger did its job.
One thing was good, Lenka did not torture me very much, it was not particularly interesting to her, but the former Katyna slaves were detained to the fullest, they remembered how I dealt with them.
These pathetic creatures were very vindictive, taking advantage of my helplessness as much as they could, making fun of me.
I hated everyone, Lenka, Katka, you and all of humanity.
Then I set a goal, to get out of this hell at any cost, and start a new life, which I was worth.
A month passed, I began to gradually recover, the wounds began to heal, I began to gain strength, but did not show it to Lenka and her slaves.
After three months, I recovered both morally and physically, but was still too weak due to poor, poor nutrition and intolerable conditions of detention.
But in such extreme conditions, my brain began to work perfectly.
Getting out of Lenka was not a difficult task, but I had nowhere to go.
I did not have my own housing, money, or work.
If work could be found, then

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money and an apartment is impossible.
Yes, and get a job as a simple manager was not part of my plans.
I could have a career in the future, but how much time was needed for this, and I would like it to be all at once.
I thought, why not seize the moment and take all Lenka’s money into my hands and make her his servant.
This goose had a very high opinion of herself, her self-esteem was exaggerated.
She loved flattery, I decided to take advantage of all her vices.
I became the very courtesy if you knew what it cost me.
– Stop for a minute, now I see that you start to tell the truth, go on, and try not to disappoint us. Victoria leto bongacams.

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