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We doubt.
You confirm – a woman! I was on my guard.
What can threaten me that I am a woman? – Uh.
Well, I’m not exactly a woman.
I just seem to be her.
– You are not true.
Your skin is soft.
– In the voice of a small creature heard hysterical notes.
N-yes, it is better not to anger them while I am crucified before them, like a helpless kitten.
“Okay, okay, I’m a woman.”
So what? – Until our master’s death, he take a woman.
Then good! We have a lot of food, a lot of rest.
So speak ancestors.
Now take you, we are good, we have a lot of food, a lot of rest, no hunting! I burst out laughing, imagining how little members of kvoriki poked at me.
No, I certainly will not let them do it, but the

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kind of quest that makes love to me could make anyone laugh.
Quarick jumped and stood at my feet.
– The owner died.
We save the phallus! – Hey Hey.
What do you mean? I twitched, trying to see what was happening near my feet.
And here in my field of view a wand of twisted wood appeared, topped with a dark brown object, similar to eggplant.
I screamed, moving my legs more tightly.
Well, only not this – not the rape of an old, dried member of a long-dead demon! What an abomination! However, who would ask me! The little hands instantly freed me from the remnants of trousers, no matter how much I kicked, and soon lay completely naked below the waist.
And if you consider that the above was not much better with “dressing”, then it is quite possible to imagine my feelings – I was defenseless, stripped and the backward member between my legs shone for me! I opened a new stage of the battle with such a footmare that the quoriki could not curb me for a long time.

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But after a long struggle, I began to give way to the onslaught, my legs gradually moved apart until they were pressed to the knees.
Soon I was revealed to the limit in front of the main one holding the rod.
I felt the little hands touching sensitive lips, pushing them apart, and putting a stiff, dense piece against the vagina.

I huddled, fumbling my ass over the stones, scraping off the delicate skin, but with a triumphant scream, a phallus was hammered into me.
A scream came from my throat, and the dry phallus crawled back to be driven into my depth again in a second.
I was torn and fought, as far as the fetters allowed me, but the main queen raped and raped me with a withered member of a demon.
It was so bad for me that I didn’t even dream of ending the execution, stupidly counting the strongest blows when my butt broke off the stone.
And the Kvoroyik said: – Scream, you scream! To appease him, I began to moan and even lift the pubis, imitating desire.
I don’t know how plausible it was for me, but the quoric died down a bit.
At least, at least stopped turning the hard phallus in me.
It all ended quite unexpectedly.
Suddenly a breath of icy cold.
So that, despite the sun at the zenith, I was instantly numb.
The quads around me fell to the ground, ringing like icicles.
The phallus stopped drilling me, although it remained in me.
I focused my eyes on something that suddenly appeared from the arch.
And shuddered all over.
An ice man towered before me! Hefty, all kind of angular, but it seems ally! These seem to be called elementals or golems.
This one was clearly icy.
Gods, how clever I am! Elemental came, stood beside.
Then he kicked a stick, the end of which was still planted on me.
I groaned.
Or not an ally? – Charming! – the monster rasped.
– Can leave everything as it is? – Oh please.
– I finished it.
– Free me! – Heh.
And what I get for this? I got lost. Student sex online.

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