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Then I remembered my countrymen and again I let into the obshchak a couple of requests from people from city X, and what I wanted to do with them.
Three responded to this at once, which in itself was rare.
All three were guys: Dam_parnyu, Pass_gorodH_17, and Girl_s_Chlen.
At a more detailed conversation, it turned out that the first one is sitting in a cafe, just like me (by the way, not far from mine).
The third one at work on the night shift, I thought about what people do during working hours and smiled to myself.
But the second was at home at the computer, and one, as he said.
I decided to focus my attention on the latter.
Acquainted with him, I found out that his name was Dima, but he asked to call him Dina, because he really wanted to feel like a girl: – Hi, what are you looking for here? – Boy for close communication, I do not want to be alone today.
– Great, tell me about yourself – I’m 17 years old, 100% pass, I like to change into women’s underwear, there is a wig and things of an older sister.
– Very interesting, Dina continue.

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How long have you been leading such a lifestyle? – Frankly speaking, this is my first exit – So you said that you were at home !! – Sorry, it was not quite true – I’m in a cafe.
– And how will you change and everything else? Do you live far from the cafe? – I do not need to go somewhere – everything is already on me.
– So you came to a public place like this ??? – It wasn’t difficult – since childhood I’m very much like a girl, and I also change clothes for a long time, only I haven’t tried that way before.
– And the hair, makeup and stuff? – I said – sister’s wig, but my hair is long and the dress is long, hides legs, the top is a blouse and all the clothes on me, up to the garters.
– Nifiga yourself, well, you’re ready – and where are you now? When he called the cafe, I was taken aback – it was my club, though there were a lot of people today – the day before the weekend.

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But despite this, I kind of saw everyone and did not pay attention to anyone suspicious.
Just in case, I began to look around the club at the edge of my eye – it was a long, rectangular room with dim lights and separate places, fenced off by wide partitions.
It was about 30-40 places, and after a thorough examination, I did not find anyone similar.
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