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Just cheer you up for a walk! Quickly kiss my feet! I rush to her beautiful pedicure.
The air is cut by the leather tails of the lash.
Crack my back.
Burning on the skin, still inflamed by hot wax.
Next hit! Looks like Mrs. decided I dozed off, t.

a strong blow to the back with a loud whipping sound.
Well, what am I? He dug into her toes, working intensively with his tongue.
I think she likes my zeal, but hitting a pause of 10-15 seconds makes me twitch under the whip.
The pain is serious! – I don’t like all this! – Suddenly, Mrs.
– Everything is somehow wretched and stupid! You do this: I put the legs together.
– Ten emerald fingers joined in a row.
Now you gently and sensually lick them from the little finger to the big beautiful finger, get a whip.
Then – from the thumb of the next leg to her little finger, the blow, and then all ten fingers in one lick, from little finger to little finger.
So it will be right.
Get started! Who would argue, I do as she says, lick, twitching under the blows of the whip.

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The lady holds the hilt in her right hand, and the left one pulls the lash off, releasing them on my back and buttocks.
Emerald lacquer shines from the moisture of my saliva.
She likes both my licking and my spanking.
Wonderful harmony! I’m unfastened from the leash.
Mrs. takes the leash and walks around the room with a whip in one hand and a “doggy” that starts to kneel on the knees – in the other.
Her heels clatter on the floor, snake skin is cast in the light, a stunning manicure and pedicure.
Strap-on gives it the charm of a fantastic, unreal creature.
Kick-ass woman! After passing around the room a few laps, the mistress orders the “dog” to look for.
What to look for is not clear.
Sniffing the air, moving around the perimeter.
I stop at my bowl.
– It looks like the dog has wanted to write!
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