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Sex and the city english online.
Having remained without a diaper, I blushed deeply and shyly covered myself between my legs.
“And what should I do with your shyness,” Sue smiled, parting my hands, “Do you know what?” If you now obediently let yourself be undressed, I would come out and wait outside the door while you do your children’s work.
But since you are so capricious, you go to the pot in my sight, like a nursery.
Sue slapped my hands, stopping my next attempt to hide behind.
– What is blushing? – she smiled, – If you do not listen, you will do absolutely everything with me, as a two-year-old.
Including going to the pot in my presence.
And in a little, and in a big way.
I began to shift from one foot to the other, in order to somehow relieve the unbearable urge to write.
“When babies are taught to the pot, the adults

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are not going anywhere,” Sue continued, “A toddler should not be left unattended, especially during such a responsible procedure.”
Sue moved a pot to my feet.
– What are you worth? – she turned to me, – Forgot, why do little boys need a little pig? I looked at the pot in front of me with displeasure, still not knowing how to write there in the presence of a 15-year-old girl.
– Well? – raised her voice Sue, staring at me expectantly, – Come on, write in the pot.

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I remained silent, staring at the floor in embarrassment.
“No need to endure,” Sue began to gently persuade me, “Well, you should pee in a pot.”
“I decided to change tactics” – I thought.
“Letter-letter-letter,” Sue continued gently to lisp, “Who has a small tap between the legs?” Who will let a fountain out of him now? Sue unceremoniously lifted my pussy, forcing me to blush even more.
– What are you shy? – she smiled, – Kiddies usually willingly go to the pot in the presence of adults.
Do not you want to show the nurse that you can write in a pot standing, like a big boy? “The kid kids don’t know what shame is,” I thought, looking offended at the girl.
“So, we haven’t been taught to write standing up,” Sue remarked in such a condescending tone, as if she were talking to a two-year-old baby who first saw the pot, “Well, sit down.”
Maybe you are bargaining in the pot for a lot? Come on, please the nanny.
I sat on the pot, demonstrating to my nanny with all my appearance that she would not achieve anything from me.
“How stubborn,” Sue sighed after a moment of pause. “Well, what should you pee?” Suddenly there was a loud phone call.
“I give you three minutes,” said Sue, and taking a cell phone out of her pocket, she left the room.
“I didn’t even close the door behind me,” I thought displeasedly.
It was a terrible shame that Sue unceremoniously tried to get me to go to the pot in her presence.
Even the diapers were not so demeaning – at least no one saw me writing and cocoa.
“I will continue to endure,” I decided, “Anyway, sooner or later she will put a diaper on me.”
Judging by the telephone conversation that came from the living room, my nanny’s friend could not find our home. Sex and the city english online.

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