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The owner of the house, Oleg, greeted us and carefully found us places where we could stay.
I noticed how a young guy gave me a rating look.
Somewhere for half an hour we just chatted, drank and ate.
Pleasant music played, Arthur sitting next to me (an older couple) kissed his wife and invited Inna (a young girl) to a slow dance.
The situation was becoming more liberated.
Olga suggested that everyone go to dance. She took Arthur-Lena’s wife by the hand and they went to the center of the room.
Sasha, that same young guy, also took me by the hand and gently put his arm around my waist and led for Olga.
I was very excited by this closeness to him, he was a little shy and kept his hands on my waist, I so wanted him to lower them below.
Arthur was already gently kissing Sasha’s friend, Anya, and his hand was already tightly clutching her ass in dark leggings.
Sasha, at the same time, was looking at this pair, and his hands went down, he pulled me to him and I felt a hard knob on his pants poking into my stomach.
I did not wait for his initiative, and dug my lips into his, he answered me with a passionate kiss.
He squeezed my buttocks harder, so I caught my breath, how long I waited for it.

Events developed quickly, when I again turned to face Anya, she was already on her knees sucking Arthur, he had a very thick dick, so that Ani’s little handle barely closed on it and she had to open her mouth wide to place .
She rhythmically moved her head, tightly squeezing a member with one hand, the second massaged Arthur’s eggs.

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I didn’t want to be left behind them, I sat Sasha on the sofa and quickly pulled off the jeans that had already been stretched out, along with my underpants.
He caught my admiring glance at his big dick, about 20 centimeters in length, it widened at the base, and the head was relatively small, I could not wait to catch it in my mouth.
I thoroughly licked up the droplets of grease, took his dick in my hand and began to lick the eggs, dropping a little lower to his anus, after a few movements, I touched his tongue again then, and not continuing to jerk him focused entirely on his ass.
He closed his eyes and moaned from bliss.
I passed to his penis, took his head in his mouth and played with her tongue.
I was still fully dressed,

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my pussy was all burning with excitement, and my panties were soaked through.
I just could not tear my lips from this handsome man to take off my jeans.
Meanwhile, Anya and Arthur moved closer to us, at arm’s length.
He put her on cancer, so she clapped her hands on the back of the sofa and began to gently insert her unit into her hot pussy.
I noticed a tube of grease next to them, and Arthur greased Anya’s anus with her thumb.
I could not bear it any longer, quickly began to get rid of the clothes, Sasha helped me with this, I pushed him back onto the sofa, straddled him and screwed his dick into my wet hole, when his first centimeter entered me, it began to darken in my eyes, I pressed her tits tight to his face and sank lower and lower, I was not ashamed to scream with might and main.
Finally, my pubis touched his, his healthy dick was completely in me only from this one thought I could finish.
Obomlev from pleasure, I began to move my ass rhythmically, I felt how the walls of my vagina expand under the pressure of Sasha’s penis.
The moans of Anya that I heard from the outside grew louder, and looked at them, and to my amazement I discovered that Arthur was already fucking Anya in the ass.
In general, at first I doubted that such a thick cock would fit Anya in the pussy, and then he had her in the ass, and she was also waving it to him. Secret hidden camera sex videos.

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