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“Of course, Kiryushenka,” said Polina meekly, “tell me what to do.”
– D-let’s decompose the sofa, – stammered the teenager, – and lie down for a bit.
With the help of Lyosha, the sofa was laid out and covered, and Polina lay down on a fresh sheet, still covering herself with a towel.
Cyril lay down beside him, and, as he had done before, he put his arm around a young girl and kissed her cheek.
Polina smelled of toothpaste, and not at all a member of Victor who visited the priest, as Cyril was afraid of, and he kissed the girl on soft tender lips.
Polina responded to his kiss by opening her mouth and playing with the tongue with the boy’s tongue.
After the cruelty of Victor, Cyril’s tenderness made him drunk and aroused a young girl. Real forced sex caught on camera.

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