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Come on, take it in your mouth, why wait for something.
Vick meekly opened her mouth, made her lips a plump little ring and began to move.
She heard the banker cheerfully, one by one, shift and sign the papers; this was the main thing now.
For some reason, she remembered how she was preening herself in front of a mirror today — she let her sponges down, straightened her long eyelashes, put on her face a foundation and a blush.
There was a sound of the door being opened and the sound of heels, – Alexander Vladimirovich, allow the protocol for the morning meeting? – Yes,

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come on, Lud.
Oh god Some girl came in, put documents on the table.
She saw everything! I saw Vika’s protruding ass under the table and how she was actively working with her head.
Vika felt that the skirt had already levitated upstairs and had a view of the lace stockings, she could not believe that all this was happening to her in reality.
Luda, I will sign later, but you do not get distracted, more actively.
Lyudmila left the room, and Vika on the machine touched her hand to the base of the penis, began to caress the testicles.
She had long been not a girl and knew that men always end up faster if they actively stimulate the penis with their hands.
Soon the barrel hardened and stopped climbing into her mouth.
With one hand, Vika stroked her testicles, with the other she actively jerked off, and with her lips walked tightly over the head.
At some point, she felt that Alexander began podmavat podmahivat, a dozen of such shocks, a member of especially tense, Alexander hand pressed the head of Vicki with iron, and then she felt a shot of sperm in her mouth.
Then again and again, Alexander took out a member.
How is it ok? Vika could not answer, there was sperm in her mouth.
She swallowed.
“Yes, okay,” her pussy swelled under the skirt, and her panties got wet from her own discharge.

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Wonderful girl, – Alexander began to lead a member on her face, rubbing sperm, then collected her hair in her hand and wiped their head with it.
– Get out and take away the paper.
Vika got up and, barely standing on his heels, began to correct her bra and blouse.
Alexander beckoned her with his finger, took a marker from the table and withdrew his signature right in her decollete.
You are well done, a real fighter.
Yes, take a napkin.
She wiped her hands and mouth, trying to look at the floor, put her skirt in order, as she could straighten her hair and took the folder with the documents.
Thank you all the best.
Come on.
Tell Morozov to teach himself.
Best regards, – smiled the secretary at the reception.
– Did you like us? Vika recognized the voice of the girl who entered the office when she was there.
Yes, thank you, – she found the strength to respond, breaking her throat.
Vika had already told everything to her colleague and realized that Alexander simply spread her like a lohushka, used a young girl, and she was the only one with whom such a “document signing procedure” was carried out.
What happened? Where are the contracts? Here, here, let’s go – the secretary took a folder from the table and tried to quickly take the director to the office.
A few minutes later they came out.
Okay, we’ll think of something, ”Morozov said thoughtfully, turning to Vick, while he himself remembered the fat Julia from the back office of Bersbank.
When she found a mistake and asked Morozov to re-sign the documents, he looked at her figure, tucked into a black dress with a cutout on the back, as if in jest set her signature condition – go to the common office area and dance a striptease for the employees.
Yulia was a strong woman, she climbed onto the table and to the music, slowly and smiling, withdrew everything, causing a storm of applause from the young guys.
When she got dressed Morozov himself signed a marker in the cutout on her back.
Well, now 1: 1.
I am 20 years old and my name is Masha.
It happened to me a year ago after a difficult crisis.
I was just looking for a job, but here something interesting turned up.
Work as a lawyer in a small company.
Of the benefits of a private office, and the salary is higher than it was.
Without hesitation, I agreed.
The whole team is mostly not young, just me and the secretary are young girls.
And the director did not get us an old man.
Viktor Petrovich was about 40, but he didn’t look bad.
With Nadia (this is our secretary) we quickly found a common language.
And even more.
From time to time there were working questions, and so mostly routine and boring.
Nadya was younger than me, but she looked older. Online sex film watch.

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