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And we have already returned.”
I waited some time until Dima finished, I kindly put my mouth up.
Spent some time to clean up.
When I came to the kitchen, Sasha and Dima were stealing pizza for a couple, Zhenya was busy with drinks.
The girls already undressed when I entered.
I spent about a minute to kiss a brunette.
Judging by the taste, he and Sasha licked well before calling us.
We had a snack, had some rest, but obviously we didn’t want to disperse to everyone.
I decided to continue the party, so I just stood up and poked a member on Zhenya’s cheek.
She first looked at me in misunderstandings, but then Dima’s dick poked into her, and didn’t like it.
She liked the attention, she sucked me and then Dima, nadrachivaya both of us.
Sasha at this time looked at us and masturbated.
Then she settled on the table, legs apart in front of Zhenya.
Dima went to the free mouth of Sasha.
To lick her friend, Wife had to bend down, exposing her ass, too appetizing looking.
I first habitually licked it, then, after spending another condom, I started to enter it.

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looked at me over her shoulder in surprise, I just slapped her hard on her ass, they say, the hour of reckoning has come.
I fucked Eugene slowly so that she should enjoy the movements of the dick in the ass, feeling the sweet pain.
In this position, we stayed for quite a long time, then Dima turned Sasha around and put a member in her pussy.
Zhenya looked at me again, but I just slapped her on the ass again, I wanted to fuck her for a long time, torturing me with slow movements.
The girl resigned to the fact that her ass will be completely insured, so she settled herself more comfortably on the table and began to suck with Sasha.
I became somewhat sharper, each time with the force of piercing the flesh of Zhenya ass.
The guys decided to reshuffle again: Sasha turned around to his wife’s ass, and she had no choice but to lick the hole of her friend.

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Sasha brazenly pressed the brunette’s face to her ass so that she did not mess around, I continued to slowly fuck Zhenya’s ass, I felt like Dimin’s cock was knocking at me from behind again.
This time, he did not turn on the compressor mode and continued to move with me, so that I could almost feel what sensations I was giving Gene.
For a long time to continue this sex when you fuck yourself, and fuck you, it is very difficult, but, to my surprise, I held on.
Dima has already come out of me to finish in Sasha’s mouth, then I started to pummel my ass’s tormentor very, very quickly.
She moaned in pain, but I knew that she was very pleased.
I stayed for as long as I could, then I let down what was left on her back, from where my sperm was picked up by the omnipresent Sasha.
While the girls started playing tongues, I admired the result of my work: Eugene’s hole was all red and could not close in any way.
I gently caressed her fingers, soothing.
I was allowed to stay overnight in order to continue even tomorrow, I, of course, agreed, although I understood that I could hardly sleep.
We spent the whole day having sex and a short rest, in the evening all the holes (except for the Dimin, of course, he didn’t like that) sweetly ached.
Unfortunately, then this trio either fell apart, or something else happened, and I could not manage to contact them again.
The number to which I called, arranging a meeting, did not answer at all, so that somehow everything turned out to be offensive, I still want to.
In the hour of a hot spring sunset on Leningradsky Prospekt, in the area of ??the Aeroport metro station in Moscow, two citizens appeared.
The first of them – about forty years old, dressed in a gray summer suit – was stocky, of medium height, dark-haired, with a bald back, and his neatly shaved face was decorated with impressive glasses.
The second – a thin, reddish, young man was in a heavenly color shirt, worn jeans and white colors.
The first was the editor-in-chief of a thick art magazine, and his companion is an aspiring writer who has unsuccessfully tried to publish a series of his detective stories for a year now.
It was clear that the two were already tipsy.
In addition, in the hands of the young was a package, in which two bottles of brandy were clearly visible.
Five minutes later, they took the elevator to the sixth floor.
The writer took a key out of his pocket and, obligingly saying “now, now”, opened the door of his apartment to the editor.
“Meet Michal Ivanitch, this is my wife Natasha,” leaning slightly, enviously, Sasha (that was the name of our writer) presented his slender, blond wife. Online english inset reality sex kino com.

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