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After that, I opened the tap and the water began to rapidly enter the intestines of his wife.
“Oh, Step, it hurts me, shakes the stomach!”, The wife groaned already in about half a minute.
“Be patient, Light, and breathe deeply through your mouth!”
I looked at the Esmarkh mug and saw that water had already flowed out of it.
“Okay, Light!”, I said and turned off the tap on the hose, “that’s enough for you, sit down on the toilet and go vysyatis!”.

The girl jumped up like a bullet, pulled the tip out of her ass and crashed down onto the nearby unitas.
Well, finally, the long awaited hour has come when I see my mother-in-law naked.
I walked into the room, the mother-in-law was sitting on the couch and looked at the floor stupidly, I quietly said to her, “Well, let’s get down to work”, and she said that she was very afraid.
I reassured her and putting her to my lap pulled up her robe and pulled down her panties.
I squeezed one portion of Vaseline onto my finger.
The mother-in-law did not shrink and I easily opened her buttocks.

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Smearing a little more around the anus, I slowly inserted a finger a couple of centimeters into the hole.
– Oh! It hurts, it hurts! – screamed the patient and arched.
-Mama! Do not invent! Nothing hurts! You scare yourself.
You have to pull yourself together.
Well, everything seems to be ready let’s go to the bathroom – I said and went to the bathroom.
There, my wife was preparing everything for mother. and then on the elbows and lowered her head “Great, Mom, well done! Raise your ass a little bit higher!”, I said.
Then I hung an Esmarkh mug on a hook, which was about 1 m above the floor, on which the mother-in-law stood, spread her buttocks with her left hand, and with her right hand gently inserted the enema tip into her anus.
Nude old woman sitting home webcam.

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