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Stop, and where, then, is what he ended up with.
Led his tongue in his mouth, something sticky there, but a little.
Swallowed already with saliva.
Well that’s all.
He pulled melting.
Turned away.
Everything, sleep, speaks.
Seryozh, did you even like it? Leave me alone, I did not ask you, you yourself wanted this, so do not interrogate me.
That was the last time.
Well, well, at the last, so at the last.
And it was true, he kept his word.
There was nothing else.
There were tantrums, conversations, scandals, scenes of jealousy.
Tablets, hospital, calm.
Drunk run on the eaves on the roof of the house, pulled, saved.
He has a standing girlfriend.
I got depressed.
I ran away from home, went somewhere for two days, traveled somewhere, visited other cities, spent the night somewhere.

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Returned worse.
He went into himself, did not talk to anyone.
Two weeks in a mental hospital.
He came along with my parents and Lenka.
Then I began to talk and returned to life.
When I was a freshman, Seryozhka got married.
I did not go to the wedding, honestly, I wanted to go, but I could not.
He was offended that I did not come.
I was offended that he got married.
Not communicated for five years.
Then I got married too.
He was not invited.
And then we met by chance on the day of the city.
Greet, talk.
And I realized that nothing has changed.
All the same.
And, like idiots, they tortured each other for 5 years and did not communicate.
Began to meet again.
Like old friends.
And that’s all.
So it was, until last year he himself did not use me.
I was in shock for a week.
I called him and cried.

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What to do now, I say? Everything will be fine, he said, do not worry.
Everything will be the same.
But I still did not want to, I was ready to drop everything and go to him.
And he was not ready.
Because straight.
She just loves me like a friend.
But what about our night of love, Seryozha? Why did you do that? For the first and last time? At last? Nothing, I’ll wait.
Then you also said that this was the last time.
We were then 15 years old.
And this happened again after 15 years.
I’ll wait.
You do not hurry.
I will wait, I have already learned to endure and wait.
Tolerate and wait.
My parents sent me to the Nakhimov School at the age of 14.
From the outside, it seemed very strict: no girls, no trips to the city alone, classes strictly by the hour until seventh sweat, lessons and training.

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