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She was not frightened, but only excited more.
They went down somewhere, breathed the chill and dampness of the basement.
“Listen to me, you will be very good.
“She felt the soft straps on her wrists and at the same time his breath on her lips.
He gently touched his lips, and she did not notice how her hands gently raised up to refusal.

She felt the same soft but tight wrap around her ankles.
She was not surprised at anything, knowing that it was necessary, he was doing everything as it should.
And when he began to slowly and gently undress her, it did not meet in her soul no protest.
She had been waiting for him for so long.
When he removed her bra, her nipples were ready to burst with tension.
“Yes, rather, honey,” she whispered.
And now his lips touched her nipple, gently wrapped his arms around him.
She shuddered with pleasure, groaned.
But suddenly a strong pain pierced the nipple.
He squeezed the cold metal mercilessly.
She twitched, but her legs and arms were firmly fixed.
And she heard his voice.
“Well, go, I wanted to watch!” She heard footsteps, wheezing and a nasty little voice said.
“Cool chick, come on, stop her in full.”
The bandage was torn off, and a light hit the eyes.

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She did not see anything around because of this ruthless light, except for the source of the pain – a huge metal clip that grabbed her nipple, flattened it and pulled it off.
Acute pain and keen pleasure penetrated her whole body.
From the clamp somewhere up went the chain.
She pulled over and the nipple began to pull out.
His tip was filled with blood, swollen.
“Fetch her tits! And lose a second, see how it stands!
Red, and I want to suck, “- she heard the same nasty voice.
From the darkness a figure of a disgusting fat man emerged, with a grinning physiognomy and unbuttoned fly.
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