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and I, my reader, thoughtfully listening attentively to the infinitely freedom-loving intonations of their disinterested voices, tried to remember everything, where and when I heard it.
or maybe read.
and – remembered! “Destroy homosexuals, and fascism will disappear,” called the family and therefore infinitely truthful newspapers and other magazines, and in the meantime in the German Reich homosexuals were already destroyed, and none other than Fascists did it: Mr. Stalin, like Comrade Hitler, not without success used prejudices and other phobias against sexual minorities to expand their personal domination.
n-yes! such unbanal arithmetic: in order to strengthen his own, that is, personal and even personal, power, Comrade Hitler in the now distant thousand nine hundred and thirty fourth year ordered to shoot over a thousand opponents in the party led by Ernst Rem, the leader of attack aircraft, who was for this

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very firing goal pre-arrested on the “night of the long knives” of the thirtieth june of the same thousand nine hundred and thirty-fourth year right in bed, where he, the leader of attack aircraft and at the same time competitor Comrade Git EPA, caressed his chauffeur.
By the way, about competitors: there was nothing exclusive in the discovery of the above-mentioned gentlemen and even comrades, because for a long time all those selflessly public and other little-known people who need it are well and for certain known that, playing on sexual fears and prejudices, it is easiest to discredit the political the enemy – this method was well known already in Byzantium and even in the eleventh century, where pederasty became the crime of those who could not be blamed for any other crime.

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and it also happened that the cards, a little marked, were the one who was the first to take the initiative – publicly announced the beginning of the company to eradicate any sexual fraud, and the logic here was simple, but among the poorly educated masses it was completely passable: who would shout first “hold the thief!”, that means, he himself is not a thief.
Well, that is, not sodomite, if we talk in relation to our blue and even the lunar theme.
“Death to sodomites!”
how come And then we, the reader, do not know, as already ours — not Byzantine — comrade Peter, aka the First, aka the Great.
By the way, if we are already talking about this delicate topic: other non-party historians claim that the first sexual mentor of the future Peter the Great – following the example of the great Caesar – was Franz Lefort, the admiral and the Swiss seeker of all sorts of different adventures in general.
Russia, fuck, bearded – the ringing is crimson, and Peter’s accession to sex was straightforwardly Greek – European.
you ask, reader: what does Peter have to do with it? But with it: this same Lefort, a Swiss goose, picked up the boy Alexashka Menshikov on the street, who was selling on this very street not only with pies, but also with his young ass.
Well, of course, why did he, Lefort, pick up our Sanya-nagolibil.
and now, having made his way with Sanina’s ass, he, that is, this Lefort of Switzerland, gave way to the boy to young Peter, who gave Alexashka the official title of a sleeping-sleeping bed – the person serving the king in the bedroom.
then from this sleeping bag, which traded its backside and pies on the street, the first drinking buddy and the right hand of Peter the Great came out – Field Marshal and Highness Prince Alexander Menshikov, but this, again, is all to the word.
in the essence: in the years of the youngsters, having played enough and even nehilo having taken a nap with his friend, Sanya Menshikov, this very Peter, he is the First and even the Great, suddenly bam – and in the year seventeen sixteen sixteen introduced punishment into the Military Charter for all sorts of rear games: “if someone defiles the young man, or the husband and husband cheers.
“and although, let’s say honestly, from a more enlightened and therefore more sophisticated in this respect Europe in our country, that is, in Russia, at the stake for this very” Sodom Sin “they did not burn the kids, and the punishment for them, the boys were wrong, was invented only bodily, but nonetheless. Indian desi sex online.

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