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I must say that Sveta did not often indulge Pasha with anal sex, although she showed interest in him.
A fresh and wet woman who came out of the bath immediately became the object of harassment of two excited males.
And if she resisted it is not quite long and not active.
This whole situation worried and excited Sveta and she somehow had some female instincts that men would not lag behind her without using her body in full.
Of course, Pasha was a good lover, but Sveta again understood with her instinct that it was Misha who would show her the beauty of anal penetration.
She was not surprised at all when the men concentrated all her caresses on her ass.
Light was laid on its side and while Pasha licked his wife’s pussy, Misha smeared the hole in the woman’s anus and began to gently penetrate into it with his finger.
Realizing that the priest was already experiencing the stretching of his penis, Misha began to wield his finger more actively, adding to it one more.
Sveta tried as best she could to relax her ass, concentrating on the waves of pleasure that poured from her pussy and stretched ass. Hot naked webcams.

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