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Because he will have nowhere to go.
Vera Vasilyevna thought of everything.
And on the very first lap she threw in an excellent student Lenya, picking on some nonsense.
Come to me for a re-take, ”she snapped,“ the day after tomorrow, the fifth pair.
Good, – he answered.
He was not upset at all, Vera Vasilyevna concluded, looking at his serene face.
It’s for the best.
On the appointed day, Vera Vasilyevna made a suggestion for a long time, trying to look younger and more beautiful.
She dressed herself in a rather frank red dress – it would be indecent to show up in the water at the university, but she thought of everything — she would send someone out of the register, and then bring her to the dean’s office already in her coat.
Undress in the audience, since there was a scarf with a hanger.

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Vera Vasilyevna looked at herself in the mirror.
And she’s still nothing! And then she noticed a strange carnivorous gleam in her eyes and thought that she already wanted to squeeze the trembling young body in her arms and force him to fuck, fuck, fuck.
In university.
In the audience.
Although sex in a public place – and even in this! After that, it will not be a shame in the library.
Lyonya, as always, came last in his manner.
He took a ticket and sat down at the last desk to get ready.
Vera Vasilievna could barely hear the answering girl — she stared intently at a young boy leaning over a sheet of paper, at his thick golden hair and a distinct Nordic profile.
“In the Third Reich it would be her – she thought, and felt how the forbidden heat spreads somewhere in the abdomen.
– There he would be painted on posters as a standard of Aryan beauty.
“Vera Vasilievna had difficulty tolerating.

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Having bitten her lip, with trembling hands she put the credits on the list of students who had passed, already anticipating how she would pounce on the young Aryan at the last school desk and how she would make him work off credit in kind.
And he does not even suspect anything.
And finally, they were alone in the audience.
Leonid, are you ready? Well, in general, yes.
Well, great.
– Vera Vasilyevna suddenly got up, opened the door and looked out into the corridor – there was no one – the students had already dispersed.
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