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Black hollow anus still retained penis size.
Its edges were trembling a little, trying to restore the former shape, but so far it was not working well for the anus.
The edges themselves were covered with a whitish foam of lubricant and sperm precursor.
Still, the edges of the stretched anus began to slowly shrink and the hole slowly closed.
Sveta was practically unconscious and didn’t react to what was happening.
The men gently lifted her up and laid her on the bed, covering her with a blanket.
Sveta’s body was wet and very hot.
Then the men sat a little more and Misha left.
Pasha quietly perched under the barrels of his wife and slept peacefully.
In the morning, Sveta sat in the toilet before breakfast, as Misha’s sperm, deeply driven into her body, caused the strongest relaxation of her intestines.
Only after lunch, the couple returned to the discussion of what happened last night.
As a result, Pasha received permission not only to fully use his wife’s ass in full, but also received assurances that in the future they will repeat such experiments repeatedly. Girls boobs cams.

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