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Nastya was naive, like a village child, and, moreover, she was completely stupid, cultured, educated; she knew by heart entire collections of poems, wept for joy while listening to music, and flourished with every compliment, like a poppy.
My torments entered a new stage: Nastya was so pure that it was disgusting to think about her seduction.
It was strange to think that this unsuspecting girl was a mature woman, three years older than me, that many at her age had already become old bristles.
Meanwhile, her husband cheated on her as before.
He tried to keep her in a madhouse, but I tried to get Nastya the “right” doctor for the examination, while he remained in the shadows, and Nastya was recognized as normal.
Gregory was clearly not going to dwell on this – but, at least, we had some kind of respite.
I thought that I was forever doomed to suffer from unrequited (or rather, divided by half) love – when the new case turned again into a different direction.
Once at work, I heard Tonka, our secretary, chatting with some guy. Free home live hidden sex cams video.

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