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On Monday, this moment came, and in anticipation of her disrupting anger at me, I was going to work.
I came to the office and Olga conveyed that Oksana Andreevna was looking for me, and looked at me with a pitiful look, apparently sympathizing with me.
Without any hesitation, I went to her, went into the office waiting to hear what a moral monster I was and goat, that I was a bad worker, and so on.
But she looked at me cordially and invited me in, so I did.
You Konstantin Mikhailovich forgive me for yesterday, I went over and thank you for not taking advantage of my position and being a real gentleman.
– I was shocked by such words from her mouth, the only thing I could answer was not to apologize, and in remembering yesterday I was excited again.
Using such a frank moment I decided.
Oksana Mikhailovna I want to invite you wherever you are. Without expecting these words from me, she was confused.

It took about 30 seconds and she answered yes well Konstantin I go with you to the cinema- To the cinema? – I asked in surprise.
Yes, in the cinema.
– Oksana gracefully got up from the table came up to me and gently kissed my lips.
This kiss for me was the last facet, I hugged her around the waist and bit into the lips, as if in a minute there would be the end of the world.
So it was, Olga came into her office and froze in a daze, I also did not know what to do.
out !!! – shouted Oksana, she quickly left the office.
I asked her why so rude? – sorry, simple.

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take me out of the house at 6 o’clock please.
– and went to her table.
Leaving her office, I felt the taste of sweet lips, a member of the stake and the evening after 7 hours.
Exactly at 6 pm I was standing at her door.
She came out, came up to me kissed again and asked where and how.
– Let’s move on to you? – well- We drove in silence, I did not know what to talk with her, because the boss, and she thought about something and I did not want to disturb her.
In the cinema, we watched “The Brigade – the heir” and as I understood it, she was also delighted with this film.
The road home was much more fun, we talked about all the garbage.
When we arrived at the entrance we were silent, I never had this feeling, I kind of love this bitch and at this time I want to have sex.
Oksana invited me for tea and I happily agreed.
org) Going up in the elevator, we kissed, her jacket was torn off, my shirt was unbuttoned.
Floor 7, the door and we are in the hallway, dark, nothing is visible and she led me to bed.
Just do not finish quickly, I haven’t had sex for 11 years – she said plaintively in a fit of passion.
From her words, I was shocked, and I understood why she was such an evil bitch at work.
Well dear, I will love you all night. We fell on the bed, take off my bra, and there are 2-3 size, alluring neat boobs, which did not touch except her 11 years.
Caressing her breasts, incidentally took off her skirt, she was in black stockings and no panties.
There was no limit to my excitement and she felt it, turning me on my back, Oksana took off my pants, then pants, from there my dick jumped 18 cm.
Without hesitation, she took it in her gentle mouth and began to suck.
Blowjob was awesome, I lost track of my pleasure there was no limit.
I tensed, Oksana feeling that my end was near abruptly stopped this activity.
You promised!!! – She lay on her back, I settled

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between her legs and slowly entered her.
This is a thrill, with others I have never felt such a thing.
Oksana arched in the back and groaned at the top of her voice.
aaaaaaayyy and passionately kissed me on the lips. Chaturbate cam sex.

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