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Then Masha turned on the light, threw off the blanket, turned to the neighbor with a wide gap and began to flaunt herself.
Not being a lesbian, Eugenia first protested to no avail, then turned away, and then suddenly realized that she wanted to see it in her heart, and began to look.
And the next night, she herself showed Maria her secret methods of self-satisfaction.
Since then, they have finished looking at each other.
Their conversations now revolved around one topic.
Each of them finally found a soul mate.
Maria described in detail her real intercourse first, then began to give out her fantasies for them, representing Messalina, who fucks 25 hours a day.
Eugenia understood that these were fairy tales, but the sharp tongue of her friend vividly painted exciting pictures in front of her, and Eugene listened when excited by these pictures.
Anton for Jyrka was almost a demigod – after all, he was able to pass exams and go to college, and in his native village (a mile and a half from the sanatorium) came for the holidays.
He did not have a father, his mother worked all day, almost all his friends left, there was desperately nothing to do, and school friend Yurik became an outlet for Anton, who drank the city life.

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True, he didn’t pick up a single girl in half a year, and he had to fill his own worth, inventing dizzying novels for his friend.
In fact, in his arsenal there was an experience of a novel with a classmate (true, long and stormy) and with a fifty-year-old neighbor, which he has not stuttered about yet.
Yurik himself worked as an electrician in a sanatorium (there was nowhere else), and recently broke up with his girlfriend, with whom he had been for almost a year.
That is, he also had experience, but even more meager.
And so, on another night, when the two women, no longer embarrassed each other, compensated for the absence of males in their personal lives with their own hands, the two friends sat in the small room of Jyrki in the basement of the sanatorium, drank vodka and talked about women.
– Here, above your head, a crowd of anxious women.
They will sell their homeland to have sex.
And you do not use, – Anton spoke in the tone of a connoisseur.
“Here, above my head,” Yurik mocked him, “only the old women.”
“Not old women, but experienced women.”

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They already know how to do everything, but they feel that they will not be able to soon.
Yes, they pounce on you, you just smile at them.
– What is good in old women? Sagging tits, cellulite, rotten teeth.
Phew – You are an idiot.
They are 40-50 years old, they are not old women, but women in the juice.
Heard “at forty-five woman berry again”? – Well, what do you suggest? – All the time thinking about it.
Look for a juicy woman and do not run away from her, let her seduce you. Casting model sex.

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