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Then Lucy announced that she had a lover and our immoral relations should be stopped.
She stopped coming overnight.
Zhenya and I started a real honeymoon.
I thought with horror that we would soon have to part, we lived in different cities.
By the end of the second month, Lucine’s lover turned into a bridegroom, she brought him to us to introduce ourselves.
It was just an incredible man, man-mountain.
Beside him, the huge Lucy seemed like a cane.
They looked like a perfect couple, besides they looked at each other with loving eyes.
A week later they were going to register.
– We will not have any guests and wedding dresses, but if you want, marry with us and celebrate the weddings of the four of us.
“I agree,” I looked at Zenya in a frightened manner.
– You think I will object? – she laughed.
So for me ended refresher courses.
Lying bare-chested on the table, Yulenka, wept bitterly.
She cried softly because she was embarrassed to express her grief loudly.
Standing behind her well-proportioned slender legs, the first secretary of the district party committee, Veniamin Mikhailovich Pavlov, voluptuously thrust a large member under the beautiful ass of the girl, who widely spreading the tender folds of the genital slit, deeply entered her tight vagina.
His dick was painted with the blood of an innocent girl he had just made a woman.
This, unusually excited him.
Before getting into her panties, he began to eagerly paw her genital slit, she firmly believed that the Communists were special people, almost saints.
His shamelessness destroyed the strong ideals of a young, naive Komsomol.
She realized that among them, as elsewhere, there are different people, bad and good.
Deeply penetrating into her cramped penis member, awakened in her new, unusual feelings of lust.

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Having ceased to cry, she pressed her delicate

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ass closer to him, and while twisting her, she tried to better feel his elastic flesh.
Sprawling on the back of the girl, Veniamin Mikhailovich, squeezed her resilient breasts voluptuously, and having felt the rising orgasm, trembling voluptuously, longly let his seed into her.
Pulling on her panties, she straightened her skirt and swaying from weakness, left the office.
Seeing all the understanding glance of the instructor sitting in wait for the woman, she flashed shamefully.
Having sat down at the typewriter, she with excessive zeal began to print the document.
You can enter.
Veniamin Mikhailovich is waiting for you.
Upon entering the office, the woman closed the door, and, smiling inconspicuously, began to look in the back, fastening the belt of the first secretary of the district committee.
Informing him of her appearance, she coughed softly.
Turning sharply, Veniamin Mikhailovich, who had not cooled down after love, looked with a interested look at the pleasantly convex figure of the instructor.
Embarrassed, flashing, she involuntarily read a blouse on a beautiful chest.
What do you have for me? – He asked, coming close to her.
Nadezhda Nikolaevna looked into his eyes, and blushed embarrassed.
In his presence, she experienced timidity and a strange numbness.
He seemed to have a very strong male magnetism.
He brought her face to hers, and she obediently reached for him.
Putting his hands on her sloping shoulders, he kissed her affectionately.
Closing her eyes, she stood, feeling that he was unbuttoning her blouse and throwing her breasts out of her bra, greedily kissing her nipples.
Continuing to remain in a daze, she dutifully went after him, then meekly holding up her dress, slowly lay down on the bed.
Pulling off her panties, he took out his penis and plunged deep into her moist crevice from desire.
Kissing her plump lips, he deeply thrust a member into her sexual gap swelling from blood flow.
Spread wider legs, I want to own you to the end.
Like this? – She asked, almost splitting her legs apart.
Perfectly! His elastic head struck the bottom of her vagina, she moaned in pain and pleasure.
Are you pleased with me? Highly! You are an amazing man! I like you too, Nadia.
Sighing softly, she swayed steadily under him.
So what have you got to me? – He asked, getting up from her.
I came for what I need to sign your documents.
Let me sign them.
When will I come to you next time? – Blushing, she asked quietly. Webcam sex amateur.

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