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Ilya undressed and naked on the bed.
Go here.
He admired naked Andrew while, he slowly approached, head down.
Not a thick member Ilya got up.
“Sixteen somewhere centimeters,” said Andrei to himself.
Ilya drew him by the waist close to him, began to feel his chest and ass.
Come on, lie down on your tummy.
Andrei folded the second pillow with a roller, laid down on her lower abdomen, spread his legs and buried his face in the blanket.
The sight of him in this position aroused Ilya even more.
He found a hole with his finger, sent a member into it and pressed hard.
Well oiled hole, easily missed member.
Andrei cried out and squeezed his buttocks tightly.
The member almost jumped out, but he relaxed, and the process started.
Andrei moaned now louder, then quieter.
Then only hard snuffled, portraying unbearable torments.

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Either from drunk, or from something stronger, Illya could not finish for a long time.
He then lay on his back to Andrew, then lifted himself in his arms.
Finally, wet from sweat, he pressed tightly against Andrei, clutching his shoulders, and began to lower in the ass.
He also descended for a long time, in a few volleys.
In between, he relaxed and rested on Andrei, during a volley, he flexed intensely and moaned sweetly.
Then he calmed down, lay down on Andrei for a full minute and took out a member.
Sprawling and throwing his hands behind his head, he savored the remnants of pleasure, waves wandering through his body.
He thought that for a long time, and not long ago, he had not had such great sex.
Ilya opened his eyes and looked at Andrew.
He was also lying on his stomach, only the pillow was placed under his head.
“Fagot!” Flashed in my head.
“Lying nearby.”
His gaze slid to the back of his head, switched to a beautiful shoulders, thin girl’s waist and settled on a beautiful, huge, unbearably sweet ass.
“Wife, this is my wife,” thought Ilya, “I now have a wife!” Andrei turned his face to him.

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Blue eyes, trustingly looked from under the huge eyelashes at Ilya.
Ilya stroked his cheek, laid his hand on his back.
You’re wet too.
And the sheets got wet.
I have one more here, dry.
Come on, take a shower, and then I will overflow.
What are you chasing? What kind of shower? Yes there is.
Have adjusted.
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