Sex and the city online season 4.

Sex and the city online season 4.
My wife, wiping her hair and not looking in our direction, wished the guys to get there successfully, we shook hands, and they left with the persuasion that after the holidays we meet again.
After the guys left, Vadim rushed to another room to get a hairdryer, and I sat down with my wife and asked, “How are you?” “Oh well, I washed off all the fatigue, put me in brandy,” Lena asked.
– 50 or 100 drops you drip native? – I asked her.
– Yes 100 drip do not be greedy, greedy! She purred.
Then Vadim rushed in with a hair dryer and, in search of the nearest outlet, suggested that Lena go to the bedroom to the pier glass where she would find everything she needed.
My dear got up straightening the towel on her head with both hands, and the robe so invitingly exposed her lower part that even a neat hair in the form of a tick was visible.
I noticed that Vadim saw it and straightened jeans in the groin area is not noticeable to us.
Lena went into another room, and Vadim sat down in a chair filled his glasses with brandy.
– Specially chose the shortest robe? – smiling, I asked Vadim to somehow defuse the situation.
“You are not,” Vadim blushed, “my wife has a meter in a jump, which he has.
“C’mon, you blushed that I was joking,” I laughed.
“Listen, your wife has a fire, not that my gray mouse,” said Vadim.
– What mice are we talking about? – my darling has appeared, – what have I missed? – But I answered her.
And Vadim and I laughed.
“Well, okay,” Lena pouted her lips, “that we will sit or pour something to the girl?” Vadim rushed to fill the glasses, looking at my wife noticed that the short robe did not bother her at all, and her cheeks turned pink with every glass of brandy .
Here again the thought of group sex visited me, but I didn’t know yet where to start and decided to wait for the right moment if there was one.

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– What are we sitting in silence, Vadim turn on the music or something, – Lena asked.
“We’ll do it now,” answered Vadim bravely and blew up from his seat, “what to turn on?” “It doesn’t matter, turn on what you have, I asked.
Vadim turned on the music and came back to us, we drank another glass, and I suggested we go for a smoke.
Since it was cold outside, it was decided to go to the entrance.
Going to the landing I asked Vadim where his wife was.
“At the session in Moscow,” he answered, “the day after tomorrow will be back already.”
“But still we met cool, the land is big, round, the city is huge and we are all in that cafe, I can’t even believe it,” I said.
“Exactly,” Vadim confirmed.
Then I decided to try to make my plan a reality.
Carefully take Vadim to this topic and ask me to help.
– How do you like my beloved legs? – I asked.
“They are just charming, I’ve already watered, forgive me,” Vadim answered.
– Come on, you apologize, I saw how you liked Lenka’s legs and hairstyle

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, and it became very tight in jeans, I said, laughing.
Vadim did not find that the answer only reddened again.
– Everything is fine, I don’t mind, you can watch and touch if you succeed, I told him.
– Really possible? – Vadim asked.
– It is not possible, but necessary! – I hinted – let’s go.
Here it is time for me to wonder.
“Wait, let’s go one by one, and let’s talk,” Vadim stopped me, “you want to put your wife on the swing, it’s cool, we’ve been in the subject for two years now!” “Come on,” I said, opening my mouth.
– Yes, and you know with whom? Vadim asked.
I did not have time to answer, Vadim beat me.
– With Sasha, Tolya and their wives, and of course mine too! – he blurted out.
Here I almost fell.
We dokuriv, silently went to the apartment.
When we entered we were waiting for a lovely picture, my beloved clutching her chest danced to her favorite Sam Brown song “Stop”.
I slowly turned into the toilet, on the way digesting the information obtained during the break, and in my heart rejoicing that I now have an ally and everything can turn out.
When I left the bathroom and went to the door to the room I noticed that the light in the room was muffled, the music sounded louder.
On the threshold I froze, my flesh stiffened in my pants and it was from what.
Vadim danced with Lena tightly pressed, she laid her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes.
Vadim with one hand, he held her waist to the top of the robe, and with his other hand he held an elastic buttock, but under the robe. Sex and the city online season 4.

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