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Exhausted from this new caress, she nevertheless finds the strength in herself to put her hands on his shoulders to try to push him away, and when this does not work, she grabs the back of her head, pulls her head to herself and grabs her mouth – not as many lips as teeth.
Obviously, somewhat oshalev from such a violent onslaught, Leonid opens her arms and again kneels up.
What are you doing? – Sasha is surprised.
Now you will see, – he answers, sticks his elbows under her knees and throws his legs on his shoulders.
Oh, what is it you? – already frightened she asks.
So far, nothing special.
Just your treasure is now at my level.
Do you feel I feel it.
But why resort to such an acrobatic exercise? You would have put me on my head.
Do you want I already said what I want.

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Repeat ?.
Since you ended up in the marital bed, be so kind, do what I used to wait here from my hubby and for what I invited you here.
Well, why are you slow ?.
Fiend some !.
Leonid, however, not listening to the pleas and reproaches, continues to drive the head of his member along her swollen lips, especially pressing on the clitoris, and only occasionally, as if teasing, thrust into the vagina.
It seems to Sasha that he is about to enter the place where he has been awaited for a long time and with impatience, but since this does not happen, she tries to capture him himself with oncoming movements of the pelvis, but she cannot do it.
What’s the matter, my friend? I can not get! – laughing, answers Leonid.
– Maybe you can help? Are you crazy?.

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Pervert – this is, as far as I know, when not only from behind, but also in the ass.
Surely I was wrong door? It seems to me that I am on the right path leading to heaven, and I am already knocking at the gates of it.
They seem to be open.
Is not it? And you do not feel ?.
Feel, honey.
And how!.
And yet, I would take great pleasure if you helped me to cross the threshold.
But how? Take a hand knocking and enter it into the temple itself.
What am I to you, prostitute? Something good to learn from a prostitute.
Still, she’s a professional.
You will not get it! Well, well, you have to do without your help.
So, as they say athletes, at the start, attention, march !.
Sasha howls from pleasure, having felt how his rod entered her crack and moved in it here and there, like a piston in a cylinder.

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