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But what is interesting.
The concept of “homosexuality” is still associated in the minds of many people with very obscure ideas, mostly negatively colored: some consider it a disease, others, no less perceptive and intellectually grounded, a defect of character or

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even moral and physical distortion; moreover, in the dusty urban suburbs, it is traditional and therefore invariably threatening to assume that homosexuality among men is shameful and even criminal, which is difficult to eliminate.
Well, and as a result of this ineradicability: “death!”, – oh, many real men and even all sorts of other men, regardless of age and gender, believe with all irrefutable confidence that the only correct, normal and therefore legitimate way to regulate sexual desire is This is an act with the face of the opposite sex.
In fact, as it is not sad for all the above-mentioned ideological people, known for their irrefutable holiness, there is.
Yes, there are other options, and not just others, and no less normal, and even, perhaps, even more legitimate.
Alfred Kinsey, one of the largest researchers of our neglected sexuality, wrote: “From the very beginning of history, homosexuality was a significant part of human sexuality, especially because it is an expression of its basic qualities inherent in man.”
And in fact, really, if you think and look around.
and looking around, we will see a lot of curious and even entertaining on our infinitely enlightened sky.
first, the phenomena of homosexuality are known for a long time, and, they are known, these phenomena, so long ago that their traces are lost in immemorial antiquity: the first mention of them, that is, these phenomena, we, my reader, find in the papyrus of Ancient Egypt, according to which the gods Fet and Gorus – by the way, brothers – consisted among themselves in these same, as they say now, homosexual relationships.

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further: homosexuality met among primitive peoples of Africa, Asia and America.
it is possible that he met even among Neanderthals, scientists say.
and why, actually, no? What, in fact, were these very Neanderthals worse or better than all the other aristocrats and the most different other moonlight supporters? – nothing: ordinary gay Neanderthals.
well, that is.
that is, Neanderthals are gay, since, among them, Neanderthals, too, I think, have come to their fore.
further, my reader! – we turn our head further: homosexual relations were very and even quite widespread in ancient India, in Babylon, in Egypt, in Ancient Greece, in Ancient Rome and even.
even – it is terrible to think about it in our impeccable moral age! – openly encouraged in the so-called upper classes.
or, for example, take China: according to indisputable evidence, homosexuality in this very China was widely and fruitfully developed during the time of the great Han Empire, and not just developed, and there even existed five subspecies of this very Chinese pederasty; I call it in order not to be unfounded: the first is the friendly pederasty, which has accompanied the Chinese throughout his life, beginning with the very first awakenings of sexual feeling.
Further, as a second subtype of male homosexuality, adolescent and professional pederasty was distinguished, which was a kind of elitist and therefore expensive pleasure in China.
the third subspecies of the Chinese pederasty was cheap street self-sale, the fourth — the acting self-sale: in the acting environment, homosexuality flourished.
and, finally, the fifth subspecies, in contrast to the previous manifestations of Chinese homosexual habits, was not associated with visiting life – it was home, but from this no less entertaining entertainment with servants.
And in general, for that matter! Sextus Empiric, for example, assures his readers that such love, that is, blue love, was imputed to the Persians in duty, and imputed to everyone.
and then all the despised and jealous women, turning their backs, offered men services similar to those that the boys could provide, some of the men agreed to try, but immediately returned to their old habits, not finding the strength to endure such deception! Oh, my reader! How not to recall here the bold Persian saying: “Women are for duty, boys are for pleasure”! Real camera sex video.

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