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I deduce.
And explain, “.
that the wife has long told me that she wants to surrender to several at once.
Answer: “Lyokha, well, you would say that right away.
What questions! “As he takes the guys out and explains the situation to them, I whisper in my wife’s ear,” now you will be fucked at my request. ”
She looks into my eyes excitedly.
Those who come back after the conversation with Gena look at Anya with pleasure, many look me straight in the eye, looking for the affirmation of what he said, but the distrust and misunderstanding is read in their eyes.
They do not know and do not understand how you can give your wife to someone like this.
Anya, in a state of excitement, slightly lowers the left side of the dress, as if by accident, that part of the breast is exposed and the nipple is visible.
She is well aware of the fact that now to the fullest zaraboatat her cunt and mouth.
Gennady enters and offers to drink “For friendship, etc.”
What does “t.
“? He is mysteriously silent, and smiles

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, looking in turn then at me then at Anya.
At this time, Max, apparently learning the news from Gena, puts his hand on my wife’s chest.
The guy on the right puts his hand on his thigh and moves up to the panties.
They act as if hidden, but at the same time everyone sees that the hand is moving under panties, and the guys see that I see it and do not react at all.
A moan escapes from Ania’s mouth when the hand reaches the lips.
Her look says: “You want this, right?”, Her look is a little scared.
I smile, showing everyone what I see and is happy about this development of events.
Max moves on to the nipple and squeezes it.
He meets no resistance.
My dick stands up, I understand that now my wife will start to fuck, and perhaps with her and me.
And you can not say that I did not like this idea.
In the ranks of the revival.
I see the guy standing on end to the left, under the shorts, and helping my wife pull off the guy’s shorts.

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She immediately, without question, takes his dick in her mouth.
At this time, the guys from behind raise the dress, and they drag Panties with Ani.
Ani’s body is in the hands of several men.
Who gets what.
Who only breasts, to whom mouth, to whom the other breasts.
One guy literally raises his wife’s ass and lowers panties.
A very neat, shaved and depilated sponge is exposed.
Guy, shorts and spits on his dick inserts it in pussy.
There everything is squishing and no lubrication is needed.
It begins the most pleasant pastime that is available to the person – namely, group sex.
Maxim takes his wife’s mouth.
The rest of the podlichivayut members.
The important point is that the wife is alone, I am the guys.
Ivan (such a big guy) throws the phrase: – “Lyokha, and how are you? I see that you like to watch your wife fuck.”
Maybe you yourself? Can you dove? How about you take your cheek? ”
I am silently embarrassed.
Ivan, seeing the slack, continues: – “You see – Annie is one, but we are many.
How are you? Come on, do not be shy – I promise it will be nice! BUT? Or have you been fucked? “Don’t be afraid – everyone is here,” Ivan said, and everyone laughed
– “Guys, I see – he wants to!” said one of the guys and Ivan threw me: “Let’s suck, – what are you laughing about?”
Or do you want to say – I’m not like this – am I waiting for a tram? We’ll do you nice, do not break a girl.
Laughter again.
I realized that there was no way back and that, having given my wife a fuck, he put himself on a par with her.
We must help his wife.
I myself, in general, that very _ _ _ _ of this development of the situation, only still it was a bit scary.
I walked over to Ivan and squatted down.
Immediately decided that you should not build a hymen.
Yes, and how, what a virgin if all this immediately becomes clear as soon as one look at my hole is thrown.
I have been “training” her for a long time so that she could, if necessary, accept one and two members.
As they see, they will immediately understand that I am not new to this business.
So, to immediately see that I can be fucked, and that I know what and how, I took it and planted it straight on my dick.
– “Wow! Yes, I see here a real fuck! Guys – see what the guy is doing!” – said Ivan.
At that time I confidently sat my throat on my penis, trying not to vomit me (explanation: like at home, knowing that I want to communicate with the male sex, I practiced doing it with an artificial member, inserting it up to my throat, and apparently my workout passed in vain).
I also trained my ass for a very long time so that she easily let in any size of members and it was my wife’s business that I was fucked by a special member who is called a strap-he and worn like pants. Nude mom hidden cam.

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