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She is dumbfounded, looks attentively, says with a hem: “You e.
liked? – Yes, not really, but the thought that you are now fucked – and I felt it – I also wanted to get me fucked.
Do not worry, I hardly want to be again with a man.
She looks bewildered, very excited and sexy.
Pulls out of the bag and shows his pictures.
– I am afraid that this may appear on the network.
And one club will show exactly the plot.
she says indignantly, but I feel that she turns it on.
What happened next? We talked for a long time and very frankly, looked at the pictures, discussed personal impressions, of course we fucked – but that’s another story.
We stayed together, and I probably marry her.
Why not? She admitted that she wanted for a very long time that someone would fuck me in the ass, cum in her mouth – it turns her on.
And we meet with that friend, but we only drink beer, sometimes we chat together (she knows who he is) – no more, no more, no sex with him.
Who knows? Maybe someday we will surrender to him both?
Early morning.
Small cottage by the sea.
I’m naked out of the water after the morning swim.
On the terrace Julia meets me.
She is wearing a white robe.
She drinks coffee.
I walk up to her, she takes me by the pussy, and we start kissing.
We sit down at the table and begin to have breakfast.

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Greek salad, scrambled eggs, coffee, croissants, toast, orange juice.
The sea, the sun, the beloved woman – this is heaven on earth.
From the nursery comes the child’s voice.
I woke up my daughter.
Julia takes me for pussy, and we go to the house.
I walk up to the crib.
I look at my daughter.
She has a bullet hole in her forehead and blood is flowing! She is dead! I turn to Julia! She has a bullet hole in her forehead and blood is flowing! She is dead! I jumped on the bed in a cold sweat! Nightmare! Every night is a nightmare! The same nightmare!

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Nine months later, Julia and I were in a private clinic near London.
Julia was preparing to give birth to my daughter.
She was lying on the bed, I was kneeling next to her and kissing her tummy.
It was quite a bit, a few days, maybe hours.
An attendant entered the ward.
Ordinary orderly: dressing gown, headdress, face patch.
A pistol with a silencer appeared in his hand.
The first bullet Julia in the forehead.
The second bullet Julia in the stomach.
I want to rush at him, but I get a handle on the head and turn off.
I am lying with a concussion in a Moscow hospital.
Daughter and wife died.
The killer was not found.
I was fired from the company, I was expelled from England, my property was transferred to the company.
Yulia somehow nakosyachila, for this she was killed, and they let me go around the world.
I left the hospital with a small backpack of personal belongings and documents, a tiny amount of money and advice: to live quietly, not to rock the boat and not to hang out.
I am 33 years old, the age of Jesus Christ.
What I have? Nothing.
What have I achieved? Nothing.
What should I do? I do not know.
What do I want? Nothing.
Hang yourself? Get drunk? Just get drunk and chopped off! Where? With whom? For what? And then what? Or maybe home? Home sister, friends, Kate and my child! Nude hot indian models.

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