Living sex toy delivery 2.

Living sex toy delivery 2.
Lena was leaning lower and lower until the man fucking her could no longer straighten her hand holding her shoulder.
Then, without taking out, he pushed her in the back, and she dropped her stomach and chest on the table.
Valery pulled up the dress comfortably, slapped on the lush buttock, slipped hands on both sides under her hips, where they touched the corner of the table and slightly raised his wife’s back to make it more comfortable.
He made such a sharp push that Lena for the first time during the whole time of sex with her, screamed quietly and clutched her hands to the opposite edge of the table, lifting her head and opening her lips in a silent scream.
-Saddies, Sunny? – smiled Valery, – and now hold on.
– he began to fuck her, taking his pelvis far away, apparently taking out his entire unit and planting it back with a sweep, causing Lena to make every time a quiet, squeezed sound, as if shortly whimpering through her teeth.
I sat down in a chair and kept repeating to myself, “This is my Helen, my Reed, my Bell.
She’s fucked before your eyes, you jerk.
You have your beautiful wife in front of you !!! “I closed my

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eyes as if this could change something.

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A sudden male moan made me open my eyes.
Valery stood, leaning his back on the back of the chair, with his pants lowered to the floor and a shiny wet member with a half-open bloated head sticking out under the bulging belly parallel to the floor.
From the end of his penis, as I could see from my seat, residual drops of sperm flowed in jolts, sticked out in the air and splashed onto the floor.
God, only now it has come to me, he is her without a condom.
-Did not reach a little, doll.
– Valery blissfully exhaled and turned his head to me.
“She has a little left to finish, help me,” finish for me, ”and fell on a chair.
I rose as a somnambulist and walked over to the table.
Lena froze motionless, just buried her head in her head on the table and pulled her hands to herself.
She made no attempt to pull up her dress pulled up to the waist, to put her legs apart.
Her ass was still as up, as an invitation to mating.
Panties, slipped into a harness, crashed into the hips, divorced legs, above the line of stockings.
I unbuttoned my trousers on the move, lowering them and pulling out a swollen member, standing upright vertically.
I pressed them and the eggs to my wife’s crotch, touched her round hips with my palms and abruptly recoiled.
All of Lena’s priest burned, as the horseshoe that had not had time to cool, on which the blacksmiths were threshing just a minute ago.
All buttocks were in the beads of moisture.
Drops of sweat gathered in trickles and slid down the thighs.
The inner thighs and the top of the stockings were smeared with smelling thick female secretions, which were whipped in a white foam near the vagina with matted and stuck pubic hair, and most importantly the whole butt was splashed with sperm. Living sex toy delivery 2.

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