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But as soon as I got to my holes, the question “why?” Rose again.
The pubis slightly overgrown with hair, turned into strange folds that replaced the clitoris, they also passed into large labia, soft and thick, they covered my pussy, I didn’t go to her, I felt my ass, everything was about the same bulging bezel around the anus.
I put my finger in the ass and pulled him to the tailbone, the stretch was almost imperceptible, but my finger calmly stretched my hole a centimeter to seven.
I pulled back my finger, it was wet.
Feeling the tailbone, I found only a slightly protruding bone and the complete absence of a tail.
Well, it could please, but I remained sitting on the bed with a detached look.
It did not last long, the door clicked locks a couple of times and two people in medical masks came to me.
They told to follow them, but when I asked “where”, they giggled and said “to the devil.”
I walked in horror and fear, but they did not lead me to the gates of hell, but to the office on the fifth floor, where we

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passed three guard posts.
They knocked on the door and, after letting me in, they let me inside.
The office had a very beautiful interior, wood and figurines, sculptures and antiques, I looked around and did not immediately notice a person in an expensive suit at a huge table.
When I looked at him, he pointed to a chair opposite me, I noticed that the chair was covered with a film, but said nothing and sat down.
The man immediately started the conversation: – Hello Katya, how do you feel? – despite the calm voice, I was afraid of this man, so I decided not to show off.

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– Good.
Despite your choice of specialization, we suspended the procedures in order to listen to what you say again, many of us were experimental against our will, but this is difficult for us in the first place.
It’s easier for us when everything happens voluntarily.
– I thought it was great to reduce everything to a wild job and fucking to control voluntary behavior, but said nothing.
– You wrote in the application that you are ready to combine and promote research, what do you think now? – I was sitting pale and scared, but now I felt a chance for at least some benefits.
– I would like to live more calmly, like others.
– You are modest.
They probably called me not the best word when they led you here.
Will explain.
I offer deals and conditions to everyone, you have the right to choose options, and from there the name.
Now tell me what you want, and I will offer options.
For you have only seen the tip of the iceberg.
– I saw how girls live in a white building, they are no longer people, but it seems to me that their life is better than mine.
“Katya, you are a naive fool,” I almost fell from such harshness, but I was afraid to say anything.
“These are cattle, they are tied to a place, they play into life, they dream of men of their own kind and members of all kinds, they stink and are obedient like brute before mating.
Do you need this? I will not argue, they give us enough to get a menu to choose from, toys to buy like “smuggling”.
I can consider this option if you want.
– I just want to live, not wake up, once in a while and be afraid that I will not see my arms or legs, or on the contrary I will see many arms and legs.
– I started to shake the lip and tears welled up in my eyes.
– Stupid girl.
You do not know what is happening to you, and you are ready to exchange all this for the livestock of cattle? – And what remains for me ?.
– I started to drop tears.
– Water here is not necessary.
I suggest you choose changes that are not tied to species or animals, we will try to implement them, it’s interesting, overseas pay for such a proposal as for islands in the archipelago, and you have a chance to get it for free.
– the person at the table was frankly happy about this conversation, like a vampire who feeds on emotions.
– What can I choose to become a man? Live sex web cam chat.

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