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Miracle moaned and mumbled something inarticulate, I turned it over on my back, threw my legs over my shoulders, and immediately drove my dick into her ass.
Her own member stood like a stone, with each of my jerks, he jumped along with his chest, it was a fascinating sight.
And suddenly the head of my wife appeared, who, kneeling by the bed, took the Miracle cock in her mouth and began to suck it.
The sight of my wife, sucking a member of the Miracle, excited me to the limit and I, realizing that I would soon be finished, sped up the movement to the limit.
Miracle and I finished at the same time: she’s in her wife’s mouth, I’ve her ass, our moan merged into one.
Miracle only then realized who was doing her a blowjob.
My wife, having licked the remnants of sperm, said that she had entered the moment when I carried her into the bedroom and, sitting in the room, was watching us, not wanting to interfere, but could not stand it and joined us, we were not opposed.
“Well, then, let’s continue the three of us,” said his wife, undressing.
A little indulging in mutual caresses and kisses, my wife asked Miracle if she wanted to fuck me, and then, they say, she has been dreaming all her life to see how a living member will fuck me, not a strapon.

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And she, wearing a strapon, at the same time will pass in her ass.
And so, putting me on my knees, the two of them licked my ass and Miracle put her dick in me and my wife strapon to her, and rushed.
The live member turned out to be a thousand times better than a strap-on, the feeling was that something hot, hard and at the same time very soft and tender entered my ass.
Miracle fucked me with the ruthlessness of the hammer, each time hitting me on the ass with her pubis, and the blows were double wife apparently caught up with her strap-on, a hot lump grew in me, which became more and more and now the

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explosion, it was an orgasm of a dream.
As it turned out, we all finished almost at the same time, having rested a bit, having washed ourselves and took on the fireman, we continued but this is another story.
It seems like a normal man growing up, but there was a shameful story.
For many, it was like when you smoke, hide from your parents, smoke in secret in different places.
Well, I got into the habit of smoking in the attic of my house, above the 5th floor.
I get up, once, quietly, and I hear some kind of furring.
“On Palev,” I quietly rise, I look, and then the younger boy from the apartment on the next floor lowered his trousers and stands in a half-turn and with quick small movements jerks his segment, staring his eyes meaningless at the wall.
My soul froze, I look at it from below, I can see everything, how he supports his testicles with his left handle, and with his right one quickly and quickly pulls back and forth. Live sex chat com.

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