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“Well, Mom, I’ll show you everything, but I can’t let a stranger see it,” the girl worried.
“I’m afraid I won’t be able to draw conclusions with sufficient confidence,” Mom retorted. “For complete confidence, I need to know the opinion of an outsider who is experienced enough in such matters.”
So, now we will go out for a couple of minutes so that you can prepare, and when we come back, you should lie on this bed all naked and ready.
After these words

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, she steadily rose and beckoned me to follow.
When we left, the woman suddenly warmly clung to me with her whole body and whispered indistinctly: (Russian Virtual Hands! – good advice) – Thank you, thank you, I think I visited paradise.
You want me to give you my girlfriend for this.
– No, – I suggested, – on the contrary, if she is already a woman, I will take her with pleasure, and if a girl – we will keep her virginity and, better, we will pamper the child with tongues.
– Yes, yes, – she was delighted with the best decision, – It seems that I completely lost my head if I substituted my child so.
“Don’t worry, you both will be fine,” I reassured.
We returned to the bedroom and, with pity, saw our baby lying on her tummy, with her head buried deep in the pillow in some of the panties brought down between her buttocks, her breasts pressed into her palms, and wept bitterly.
(Executions continue! – approx.
) I gently stroked her back, spatulas, quivering shoulders: – What are you scared, honey, we will not do you anything wrong.
“I don’t want you to see everything.”
This is mine, I don’t even want to show it to my mother.

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“Well, well,” I made an attempt to agree, “What would you like in return?” My words made a magical effect on the girl.
She immediately stopped sobbing and turned a slightly swollen face to me.
After some hesitation, she frightened out, frightened: “I want to hold it in my hands and watch it expire.”
From surprise, I imagined it so clearly that the one in question was almost in a hurry and almost deprived the young creation of the desired spectacle.
“Let’s make it easier,” I decided to combine in one pleasure for everyone, “I will let you and my mother properly connect me, and there you can do everything you can with me.”
But remember – I will resist.
Both naughty girls got so excited about this idea that they immediately rushed to embrace me with a scream.
“Stop-stop-stop,” I reminded, “we have not fulfilled one small pre-condition.”
The girl immediately fell silent, blushed and involuntarily squeezed the legs.
But mom became very businesslike: – Come on, honey, do not deprive both of us of such pleasure.
“Well, okay,” Helen said, “just so that I calm down and come to the end, first caress my breasts.”
With these words, the young beauty fell over and spread her arms wide.
Mom and I exchanged glances and, silently dividing the right and left charms between us, dipped our fingertips and then our noses into fragrant, childishly sweet flesh.
It turned out that the slightly emerging pinky Lenkin papillae is perhaps the most sensitive area of ​​the forming body.
In any case, the child moaned and fluttered in the arms of our fingers and lips, so that we began to fear for her child’s sanity.
“Well, everything, everything, that’s enough,” Mom finally said, and began to build a large table lamp just opposite the truly stretched slender legs.
Seeing such preparations, Lenochka huddled again with a slight tremor, looked into the eyes and began to lament: – Oh, Mom, save, oh, Mom, what are you – and now you will take off your panties? Oh, mommy, I am embarrassed, can I not move my legs apart? Ignoring the daughter spells, Mom finished her preparations, turned on the lamp, adjusted the light so that it fell in the right place, and busily pulled the panties along the pale legs that beat each other.
– Pussy, and you already have a solid down, – she said, – tomorrow we will learn how to do hair. Live indian free sex chat.

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