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It cannot be said that these were blows in the literal sense of the word.
Sharp sweeps with my palms, but my face was touched only by wet fingertips in such a way that it felt like a real boiling water was pouring on my face.
From the tireless and deep movements of the huge member inside me the flame of passion rekindled, merging together with the flame on my face and I, embracing Tamara Sergeyevna’s legs, pressed her knees to me.
I framed my cheeks as best I could and whispered words of gratitude.
Then the boss took off this damn artificial member and threw my head back even further.
Kneeling on the couch, she squeezed my head between my legs and, sitting on the face of the whole crotch, ordered me to lick.
The insatiable infection and the young bastard aroused me again and made me work at the same pace from a position that was already uncomfortable for me.
And again everything went on.
And how it all began will be ordinary.
Your statement indicates that you are an accountant.
Well, you will perform the usual work.
Salary at the rate for overtime will be bonus.
Now – go there – she pointed to a small table with a computer – you need to pass an accounting test.
All your predecessors failed.
I went to the table and sat down at the computer.
Everything was familiar.
Yes, the test under the program “1C Accounting” was difficult, but I came across this more than once.
And although my experience was small, I worked a lot and often overtime, and managed to get a good experience.

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And I passed the test perfectly.
“Well, then,” said the boss, “you are arranging us.”
My name is Tamara Sergeevna, I am the head of the marketing department, you will report directly to me and the senior accountant.
Your application is approved, safety instructions are given at the top of the second floor, tomorrow at eight in the morning you will start your direct duties.
And remember, it is not accepted to be late with us.
You are assigned to a state with a monthly probation period and see how professional and punctual you are.
Everybody’s Free.
“Can I ask you a question?” “Go ahead.
It’s even good that you have questions, it means not a stupid plankton performer.
– Your ad says – a young employee with good external data is how to understand at all? – Well, everything is simple – Tamara Sergeyevna smiled – the young one means you don’t often go to the hospital, and the external data in our company is not the last thing foreigners often come to us and we have to keep the mark on

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a level.
More questions.
– No, everything is clear.
– Until tomorrow then.
– Goodbye – and I left the office.
That’s how I got a travel agency and worked in it for the third month.
The salary of course did not suit me, she was much less than the previous one, but I did not grumble.
Many of my former colleagues have lost all hope of finding at least some decent work.
And they thought I was lucky.
The work was not dusty.
I made estimates, compiled bills and in front of me the entire financial structure of the whole company loomed, well, and I knew the financial situation of my department by heart.
I did not even notice the very moment when I crossed the line.
I suddenly discovered a financial hole in the budget of our department, then a series of financial frauds, the so-called black bookkeeping, and began to track it day by day until I came across the fact that my boss steals and hides money from the company programmer hacker Alexei, who was listed as a regular employee.
He didn’t take much notice of the tracks.
The money that they stole from various accounts using fake non-existent, so-called virtual entities was very significant, and I managed to dig up good dirt. Live chat cam sex rooms.

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