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It was getting dark.
At 18 o’clock, according to the contract, two guys met at the crossing.
One was holding a white magazine, the other a brown briefcase.
The items served as identification signals for their first meeting.
– Hello, have you been waiting for a long time? – No, about five minutes.
“You are even better in life than in the photo,” said the first.
“Thank you for the compliment,” said the second, slightly embarrassed.
“A good suit suits you,” added the first.
“Roman,” said the second quietly, “looking intently at the interlocutor.”
“Dmitry,” he said a little after a while.
The guys looked into each other’s eyes and shook hands.
The acquaintance took place, the young men liked each other at first sight.

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, a pretty young lad, a journalist by profession, just turned 23 years old, Dmitry, a budding lawyer, is 22 years old.
Roman worked as an editor in a book publishing company, and Dima worked as a lawyer in a successful consulting firm.
Correspondence on the Internet did not last long, the friends immediately felt mutual sympathy and quickly made an appointment.
They talked about nothing, about trivia, common interests, music and sports.
Imperceptibly, the conversation touched sex.
Dima, offered to go to some porch.
No sooner said than done.
Young people found a suitable entrance in a quiet courtyard, went into the elevator and climbed to the top floor.

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Left alone, the guys kissed.
Unbuttoning his belt and lowering his trousers and swimming trunks from Roman, Dima put his friend on the windowsill on his briefcase.
He began to gently kiss him.
Laski soon did their job – a juicy member of Roma began to pour strength.
Dima carefully watched the reaction of his counterpart.
He obviously liked everything.
He impatiently shuddered, waiting for the touch of Dimin’s lips.
The testicles ridiculously hung to the side, straightened by the touch of fingers.
Roman’s chest was only slightly covered with hair.
Flat stomach pleased the lack of fat folds.
In the young man everything was talking about the youthful primrose.
The dignity of manhood, which appeared to the gaze, was reminiscent of a ripe bunch of grapes, calling for kisses.
Seen did not leave indifferent to Dima.
His “baby” straightened up and began to confidently pour strength.
A member of the Roman already fully stood up and sticking perfectly, and after a second, sank into the moisture of Dimin’s mouth.
The game began, from which the guys got the desired joy.
That is what they dreamed of for so long.
Squinting from pleasure, like a kitten in the warm sun, Roma closed his eyes and surrendered to the risen lust.
He watched Dima conjuring over his member.
Roman, a naturally shy fellow, was ashamed of his nakedness – after all, the guys were barely familiar.
But, seeing the efforts of a friend, Roma empathized, seeing as Dima caresses his excited organ.
His member, who had broken free, pulsed and eagerly took caresses.
Roman had never experienced anything before.
He studied the whole alphabet of sex with his wife Lena.
Marital debt has long been the satisfaction of a passion in which there was no romance.
New sensations opened for Roman a new, unknown world of sexual pleasures. Indian sex clips hidden cam.

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