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As soon as I put aside the silk underwear on the coat hanger, it must be stained.
When will it end? His wife frowned, pouted her lips and huddled into a corner of the sofa.
– Dear, firstly, all the questions to the son, and not to me, I do not usually finish my underwear, you know, and secondly you cannot solve it with curses.
Honestly, I was tuned lightly.
Well, engaged and engaged, you need to stop the guy, and the laundry is washed.
The problem is what.
But apparently it penetrated.
– It is already unpleasant for me (she continued) to go to the toilet, all the time his shadow is behind the glass, if only he would peek when I was washing, but always.
Although I was listening to my faithful in the floor of the ear, something in her words caught me.
What is it that turns out, she turns out to be against the son’s spying when she is washing? Interestingly.
– My joy, and let him join in this sex.
The guy is soon 15 years old.
I think it’s time.
Let’s go, we will remove him a prostitute for his birthday and let him become a real man.
How to offer? The answer came immediately.
– You’re crazy, start sex life with dirt.
What do you want your son to do? Only over my dead body.
Wife aggressively moved out of the corner of the sofa.
And although the next sentence I had was ready, how she would react to this, I did not know.
– Honey, I really do not know what to offer.
Maybe ask your sister to help in this matter? – Excellent and all the relatives will know about it, just fine.
The answer was programmed, and by making a serious mine I responded.
“Then I don’t see any other way for you to make him a man.”
A pause stretched for more than a minute.
– Mother makes love to her son, are you crazy? Although the phrase was formidable, it sounded in tone, something else.

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– What does love mean? (I asked for my turn) You make love with me.
I propose simply to help the guy and clearly explain that the real woman is much more interesting than onanism.
And you are a real and nice woman.
That’s all.
Svetlana’s eyes looked at me with interest.
And when her voice sounded, there was no longer a thunderstorm in him.
– How do you see it? I tell him let’s fuck so.
And then what? How we will continue to live.
And if he does not want me.
You’re crazy.
There were many questions, and I decided to rake one at a time.
– My joy, everything is trivially simple.
Soon his birthday and we will give him a gift – sex with you.
I will talk to him about this okuratnenko, and by candlelight after a pleasant evening and drunk wine, we will be engaged in the higher, sexual education of the son.
As for want, believe me, if he cums several times a day in your underwear, then really, just

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And whatever our further life may be complicated, I will be with you.
So three will participate in the plot.
As for the madman, I did not go deep.
– You thought it up now or think long ago about it.
My wife’s question put me in a dead end.
Probably, I thought about it even earlier when I found my son or saw what significant prior he has.
But seriously formulated just now, and pushed me to her words.
It is better to get away from this slippery topic.
– You know, to be honest, I am very excited by this situation, when you will moan and enjoy the two of us.
Three of us love is something, but if it is a stranger I burn with jealousy, and if it’s our son, it will be only pleasure.
Sveta looked at me in a strange way.
In her view, I could not consider any agreement or refusal, probably an interest, but there was no indignation.
And stretching the words, she replied.
– For my son, I am ready to do anything, but what you offer is not real.
It’s one thing to cum in your underwear another thing is to go to bed with him.
Of course, with masturbation it is necessary to finish, but it seems to me not a method.
You are a father and you probably know the psychology of boys better than me, so I rely on your common sense and that’s enough about it.
The next two days flew like a blink.
The created situation not only amused me, but also strongly aroused me.
My wife and I no longer discussed this issue, but I noticed new purchases in the closet.
Svetka bought a charming, white, silk peignoir and in the same place I noticed a set in the style of a peignoir consisting of panties and a gentle bra. Hd sex movie live.

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