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Becoming a little older, I consciously started watching porn.
I liked what was going on in him, that passion, that relationship.
And most of all I was excited by the moments when a hot submissive girl obediently lies under the male and surrenders to him.
I was excited by the scenes where the girls made blowjobs to their fuckers, caressed their testicles and dutifully followed all their whims.
These thoughts did not give me rest and disturbed me.
But I did not share these observations with anyone, in my heart they frightened me.
And I kept them to myself and so the years went by.
I have an older brother who is 3 years older than me.
We have a wonderful relationship with him, we constantly spend time together and tell each other about our girls and share secrets and secrets.
When we grew up, we often jerked off watching porn.
It turned us on and we ended up together.
At that moment, when the critical moment occurred, I was already 20 years old, and my brother was 23 years old.
And then the whole story began to develop.
It was August, there was beautiful summer weather outside, people walked lazily under the windows of our apartment.
The parents were on vacation and decided to refresh their relationship and did not take me to the sea with my brother, saying that we are grown-up boys and we can take care of ourselves for a week.
It was nearing evening, I was sitting at the computer and reviewing music videos.
My brother lazily wandered around the apartment and could not find something to do.
After a while, my brother, in the old fashioned way, took two bottles of beer out of the fridge and went into the room and offered to drink. Free arab sex cam.

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