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I felt balls in it and stuck it a little deeper to enhance the voluptuousness.
He knew her location perfectly, and skillfully used it, while delivering indescribable pleasure to me.
Remembering these made me maximize the speed of vibration, heating up the vagina to the limit.
I could no longer sit still; I wanted to move, lift and lower my ass, with my legs wide apart.
But I could not proceed to such a manifestation of my strong arousal, because I was still aware of where I was.
I bit my lower lip again and closed my eyes.
A real storm of emotions awoke in me.
I strongly rested my knees in the front seat to somehow hold down my involuntary movements and continued to increase the frequency of massaging the clitoris and labia.
Lubrication was enough, so I did not resort to finger lick, but smoothly teased my pussy, in which the most pleasant hurricane almost ripened – a hurricane of passion and sexual satisfaction.
He is about to break free and take possession of the whole body.
He is running at full speed in my hot and humid funnel, preparing for conquest.
It grows at an incredible speed and scale, powered by energy from frantically vibrating balls.
The vagina cannot cope with a similar force and begins to obey it, spreading the magical contractions of its irritated walls throughout the body.
This is an orgasm, which I have not experienced for so long, but waited so.
I bit my lip before the blood so as not to scream with delight and pleasure and gradually finished.
The condition was incredible.
After the rapid eruption of a voluptuous avalanche of pleasures, a heavenly feeling of relaxation and satisfaction seized me.

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A few small balls, skillful hand movements and violent fantasies brought me a real fountain of emotions, which I can hardly forget or give up on it in the future.
That which my husband cannot deliver to me, I will do it myself.
Now I will not ask him to diversify our sex, I myself can do it and satisfy my hungry pussy.
With such optimism, I thoroughly wiped my pretty naughty minx, extracted the marbles from her and quietly pulled on my panties.
“The trip was a success,” I thought, and with this thought I began to prepare for going to a stop and returning home, where my daughter and a boring husband were waiting for me to surprise me with my cock tonight, thinking for a few minutes while I finished.
We met for the first time in a cafe to talk, although the Lord already knew everything about me.
In the correspondence, he asked me about every detail and trivia: how many men were there, how many Upper ones, what I love, what I am ready for, what cannot be under any circumstances.
I even wondered at what age I began to masturbate and when the fantasies of the Lord first arose.
I answered, and he remembered my every phrase, such attention flattered and excited.
He barely talked about himself, promised that he would say everything I needed to know in order to make a decision.
In a small cafe, he immediately recognized me, took me to a table, helped me take off my raincoat and sit down.
“I ordered wine and dessert for you, but if you’re hungry, I’ll call the waitress,” the lord said as I pulled a cigarette out of my purse and a lighter.
“Thank you, dessert is quite enough,” I pretended not to look at the man in front of me, but the temptation was insurmountable.
I noticed a tall stature as soon as he approached me, as well as my perfect posture.
Now I tried not to look longer than the rules of decency allow, on an amazing manliness face.
His features were not too rough or aristocratic – they were the features of a man accustomed to solving his own problems: dark green eyes

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look straight, thin lips are compressed, but not tense, the outlined wrinkle on a high forehead and several gray hairs in temples.
At the same time, the Master looked at me without a hint of embarrassment, and his gaze, it seemed, x-rayed through me all my whole past. Cam sexx.

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